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Eric Carmen working together with Joe Franco


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About a week ago I found some information online suggesting that Eric Carmen had been working together with drummer Joe Franco (Good Rats, Twisted Sister, Widowmaker, studio musician).

I had never heard of this before so I contacted Joe about it. Joe confirmed that he had been playing on one song with Eric but he didnt' remember much about it.

He didn't remember the song title and he didn'tknow if the song ever had been officially released. What he did remember was that this was probably in the early nineties and he also said that the record label involved was Arista.

Does anyone here know anything about this. Since I am a big Joe Franco fan I would like to get hold of this recording if it ever got officially released.

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Here's a link to people Eric has played with over the years...didn't see Joe mentioned, but who knows:


Thanks for your answer and the link. Here is a link to where I originally found the information http://www.scribd.com/doc/67287335/Modern-Drummer-145 . It is some pages down in the news section and plus that Joe confirmed it himself. The list you provided only seem to list official releases, perhaps the collaboration between Eric and Joe never made it onto an official release.

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That was probably the time right after Eric's two mega hits (Hungry Eyes and Make Me Lose Control) where Clive wanted Eric to do some songs by other people. Eric had a ton of momentum, and Arista let it slip away with a bad idea. Another 'what if' moment, for sure.

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