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LC, I have no idea. It was a great race and fun to watch at the very end. I just knew Gordon and Johnson were going to take it but was glad to Dale Jr. in 3rd. My family always watches the races together at my parent's house on Sunday afternoon. Lots of fun.

Wish I was that lucky at picking lottery numbers! Congrats Marlene...you go girl!!

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CURRENT STANDINGS, Raspberries Racing Group


1) Marlene's Desperate Fools: 1,427 (this week: 323)

2) RickeyBobBooyahs: 1,355 (this week: 200)

3) Paulie's Great Expectations: 1,330 (this week: 321)

4) Muzza's Fast Kiwi: 1,305 (this week: 297)

5) LC's Long Hot Days: 1,272 (this week: 283)

6) Pat's Drivin' Arounds: 1,270 (this week 280)

7) Suzanne's Go All the Ways: 1,229* (this week: 322)

8) Lew's BundlesAgainstCurrent: 813** (this week: 303)

* Didn't have picks in 1st week

** Didn't have picks in 1st and 2nd weeks


1) Suzanne's Go All the Ways: 307.25

2) Marlene's Desperate Fools: 285.40

T-3) RickeyBobBooyahs: 271.00

T-3) Lew's BundlesAgainstCurrent 271.00

5) Paulie's Great Expectations: 266.00

6) Muzza's Fast Kiwi 261.00

7) Pat's Drivin' Arounds 254.00

8) LC's Long Hot Days 254.40

Actually, everyone raised his/her average this week, so the whole league showed some improvements. But no doubt: when you look at the averages, the girls are on top!

Awesome! I love it when the gals are on top! Hmmmm, not sure that sounded right!

Okay, now that the fantasy hockey season is winding down, I have to start taking this serious. Question time.....

I seem to recall hearing someone say that we can only use certain drivers x number of times in the season....who many times is it?

Where do we find a lisitng of how many times we have used each driver?

If I had a guy on my bench, does that count as a time I used him?

Someone (ANYONE) please explain the points system Yahoo is using. I have zero clue on how I get "bonus points" or how I even get the totals that I do.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can answer these..........

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Pat, when you click on your team, just look at the drivers' names. Right next to them, on the right, is a column that's headed with "Starts Left." The little number in that box automatically changes when you have a driver active in a race. We can use a driver up to nine times. Looking at your team now, I see that you still have eight starts left for Tony Stewart and nine for Jeff Gordon, and six for Dale Jr., and so on.

To view other teams, click on "RASPBERRIES RACING GROUP" and you'll see the standings. If you click on, say, Suzanne's team, you'll see that she has five starts left for Dale Jr. Knowing what our competitors have left in terms of the top drivers' starts can be important. For example, you and I both have a lot of Tony Stewart starts left, and if he heats up as the season wears on (as Paulie promised), it could help us climb out of the basement.

It's a long season, so don't give up. We have three segments: Spring, Summer, and Playoffs. The NASCAR season goes 36 weeks, with the last race on Nov. 18. Next week, get in front of your TV for the last hour of the race and just watch. It's fun. You'll pick out your drivers and see what they're up to.... And I LOVE the lingo that the announcers throw around (Darrell Waltrip is one of them -- he's one of the all-time greats).

My hope is that Suzanne invites the whole league down to watch a race in NC with her family.eek

As for scoring... here you go, right from Yahoo:

Each driver can receive a maximum of 90 fantasy points during each race. The top 45 finishers receive points, with the winning driver getting the maximum 90, and other drivers receiving 2 fewer points for every spot they finish behind the leader (e.g, the second-place driver gets 88 points, the third-place driver gets 86).

You receive the total points earned by all active drivers on your team provided that they haven't already been active in nine races (see the Maximum Starts section for more information).

Bonus points are awarded to each of the drivers with the four best starting positions after qualifying. [Pat, the Qualifying Race is always held the day before. You can pick up a few points during Qualifying, as outlined here....] The top qualifier receives 10 bonus points, the second receives 5, the third receives 3, and the fourth receives 1. Because qualifying for Daytona 500 is broken up over 2 days, these bonus points are not awarded for the Daytona 500.

An additional 10 bonus points are awarded to each driver who leads at least one lap during a race. The driver leading the most laps during a race will also earn another 10 bonus points. To earn these bonus points for your fantasy team, a driver must be on your team and active during the race.

If a race is officially canceled, no fantasy team will receive any points for that race. All other scoring rules stay the same. If qualifying or a race is delayed or postponed, no points will be awarded until the event (qualifying or the race) is completed. If qualifying is canceled, the starting grid is determined by practice speeds. If practice was also canceled, then the starting grid is determined by Sprint Cup points standings. Either way, no qualifying bonus points will be awarded.

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Man, I hate weekends with no racing! Well, be ready for next week. The race is on Saturday (April 14, 7:46 p.m.) in Fort Worth, Texas: the Samsung Mobile 500. The venue is the Texas Motor Speedway, a 1.5-mile track. The race involves 334 laps (501 miles total).

Matt Kenseth won it last year, pocketing a cool $525K. Behind him were Clint Boyer (2nd), Carl Edwards (3rd), and Greg "Everyone picks me every week now" Biffle (4th).

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Attagirl, Suzanne! Keep that momentum going. I think when this first segment shakes out and we all drop our lowest-scoring week, you're in a position to zoom right to the top, because you've been racking up the points.

In honor of you and Marlene, I wanna give Danica Patrick a start, but I just checked and she's apparently not running this one. Maybe next week.... :-)

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So what is the shakeout for the week LC? I know I sucked but others look good. Appears that Marlene is kicking butt.

I'm a little behind in filing my Raspberries Racing Group report, but better late....

First, after last week's race, the Samsung Mobile 500 in Fort Worth, Texas, we have a new record-holder for most points in a week: 359. The figured shattered the previous mark of 327, set by both Suzanne and Paulie in Week 3. Owner of the new record? Well, um, I don't really want to say, because it would sound boastful, arrogant, and self-centered (fair enough).

But, okay, I guess I'll reveal our new record-holder as... me. Yep, I somehow lucked into the three Top 6 drivers last week: Greg Biffle (1st), Jimmie Johnson (2nd), and Martin Truex Jr. (6th). The thee also led the for a total of 315 out of 500 laps. Even my "C"-list driver, Aric Almirola, was useful, finishing 22nd to add 48 points to my total.

The 359 points pushed my "Long Hot Days" team from 5th to 3rd in total points in our Raspberries Racing Group.

The only other owner to surpass 300 last week was John, whose RickyBobbyBooyahs notched 310 points. John had three Top 10s among his starters: Biffle (1st), Matt Kenseth (5th), and Dale Earnhardt Jr. (10th).

Marlene missed 300 points by a gnat's eyelash. Biffle, Carl Edwards (8th), and Earnhardt Jr. gave her three Top 10s and padded her total of 299 points. The only other owner in sight was Lew Bundles (249). After that, it was Muzza (219), BH Pat (218), Paulie (199), and Suzanne (196). Several of our owners missed the deadline to pick up new drivers last week (namely, Pat, Suzanne, Muzza, and Paulie) so they were left without an active "C" driver, thereby costing them some points. Plus, it was just a weird week in racing.

CURRENT STANDINGS, Raspberries Racing Group

(Through NASCAR Week 7, our Week 6)


1) Marlene's Desperate Fools: 1,731

2) RickeyBobBooyahs: 1,665

5) LC's Long Hot Days: 1,631

3) Paulie's Great Expectations: 1,534

4) Muzza's Fast Kiwi: 1,529

6) Blackhawk Pat's Drivin' Arounds: 1,491

7) Suzanne's Go All the Ways: 1,435*

8) Lew's BundlesAgainstCurrent: 1,066**

* Didn't have picks in our 1st week

** Didn't have picks in our 1st and 2nd weeks


1) Marlene's Desperate Fools: 288.50

2) Suzanne's Go All the Ways: 287.00

3) RickeyBobBooyahs: 277.50

4) LC's Long Hot Days: 271.83

5) Lew's BundlesAgainstCurrent: 266.50

6) Paulie's Great Expectations: 255.67

7) Muzza's Fast Kiwi: 254.83

8) Blackhawk Pat's Drivin' Arounds: 248.50

Sunday, we move on to Kansas City, Kan., for the STP 400. Good luck, gang...

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Hey, nice use of a racing term, John. I guess I am drafting — getting pulled along by your outstanding pace as your keep your eye on Marlene's tail blush while waiting to make your move. You can't let her get too far ahead!

It's becoming more obvious that the Maximum Starts limit will be a huge key down the stretch. From Yahoo's rules:

"When a driver has reached the maximum starts limit, he is not eligible to earn points on your roster under any circumstances. While you're welcome to keep a capped player on your roster, it's in your best interest to remove the player in favor of a driver who is eligible to earn points."


"This limit applies to the entire Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Auto Racing season and does not reset in a new segment. E.g., if you use a driver 9 times in the first segment of the season, he isn't eligible to earn any fantasy points for the remainder of the season."

So... those of us who are riding a hot hand in the Greg Biffles of the world while others are rationing his starts might be in for a rude awakening later. On the other hand, we have to hope we'll find equally hot drivers in the Summer and Playoff segments.... Is Richard Petty still racing?

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Yes, Suzanne, the race is Saturday, and it's in my old stomping grounds of Richmond, Va., so I'm excited about this one. I sure wish I were down in ol' Virginny....

Anyway, get your team set, gang! Don't wait until the last minute (which is approaching...)

I still owe y'all the shakeout from last week. I'll try to post it tomorrow before the race....

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