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Larry's Book ranked No.1!!!!


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Thanks for the tip, Larry!

Editors...so detail oriented. wink

It's just that Aventurine and I always do so much fantasy role play during our "sessions"...She chooses a different name (and a different dominatrix toy) almost every time! :yikes:

Tony, my friend, no offense, but... I love when Naeko kicks your butt! crazy

That said, let's get going on our Al Gore book. It could be truly awesome. We could write the whole book as a back-and-forth dialog.... With you bashing Al and reciting all those stereotypical rumors about Al and me defending him, we'd pick up readers from both the anti-Al and pro-Al factions.

And we could have the book printed on recycled paper!

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"No hard feelings Al, It's just that the master plan to have Hillary as top dog in 2004 might have been a bit messy with you as the incumbent. Who knew America would be stupid enough to reject the smartest woman in the world and pick Kerry against that hand-picked cowboy clown, G.W?...Oh well, off to another $500k speech in Europe! Good luck milking your Climate Change gig for another few million." sick

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"Oh, and by the way, Al, I couldn't have helped even if I wanted to. You see, that Monica Lewinsky thing was blowing up in my face.... Damned interns...."

(I kid Slick Willie. I'm actually a huge Clinton fan — and all that Lewinsky stuff should have been private, between Bill and Hillary, not acted out in front of zillions. But I digress. This book is about Al Gore!)

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Thank you all. I owe any international success to Naeko, my sweetheart in Japan. She has been promoting the book to various publishers she has come to know, and I appreciate it so much. Thank you, Naeko. You are truly a gem. I don't know how to repay you. smile




Your international sucsess is not came from my promotion.

You know,my objective is to help your book tranlation into Japanese.

So I have been promoting, I still continued.

Not finished!

Then when can I expect you to give me your update?

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