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Me (James)


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Wendy-Ann said:
I read this before you deleted it. I wish you wouldn't have James. It was well written and said a lot about who you are that many of us didn't know. Very impressive indeed and humble too.

If you still have the post, please repost it.

Well, I want to read your post, James.

Repost please!

You read my(and Elle's) "private" yesterday!

So it's a deal! ;)

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Tony Cartmill said:

James, I missed it! Can you PM it to me so I can finally figure out the enigma that is...James?!? :blink:

I missed it too! Indifferent

But, fortunately, I could repost the photos he had posted there...

He'd written about his amazing body and habilities while he used to be a full time-professional Tennis player! :D

I think He had also posted a pic of him (which I attach here too) embracing his beloved Hillary at that time???


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