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Greetings From That Toddlin' Town!


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Hi, my name is Blackhawkpat and I have been a Raspberries fan since day one, even saw them as my first concert when I was thirteen. I have been fortunate enough to see the band four times live and Eric solo, eight times. The "Blackhawk" comes from my love of my local hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks, who I have been devoted to for over forty years. I was given that name on a hockey message board many years ago, so when they asked us to have screen names here, it just stuck.

I am a single dad with four daughters living with me, seven days a week, and they are quite simply, my world. Always have been, always will be. Friends put big time pressure on me to marry again, but I've got plenty of time left for that, and being an example for the girls is first and foremost my mission in life. I love the church I belong to and enjoy attending every week with my daughter Amanda.

I am a musician/songwriter, who moonlights as a high school girls sports announcer, and will be releasing some new songs very shortly, after an INCREDIBLY long delay, but that's another story, and that's why I don't play in bands any longer! (Sorry, for that outburst! LOL) I will make sure to let everyone know where to find them, when they are up, as I am very excited about this new project. My musical influences include Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, and of course, Eric Carmen, but this record is my first endeavor into country pop!

Without naming names, I have made many lifelong friends on this site and I am a daily visitor. I firmly believe this is the best overall site on the internet.

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canadianchick said:

Pat you sound like a great guy and you may have posted/mentioned it before, but how old are your girls..I come from a family of seven girls..NO boys...lol...poor dad, only one bathroom.. crazy

Thanks, that's very nice of you to say. My girls are really "women" now. We live in a two flat these days and my two oldest (26 and 24) live upstairs and my two youngest (19 and 17) live with me on the main floor, but we all eat dinner together every night, watch tv together often, and everyone is up and downstairs all the time. It's just been the five of us for over seven years now.

While I have always been close to my girls, I think losing a daughter (we lost our beloved Jennifer to undetected congenital heart disease in 1991 when she was five months old) really strengthened the bond even more and gave me an appreciation for every waking second for the girls. She was in between the first two and the next two and it's something you really never get over. Recently, two friends have also gone through this horror of horrors, though very different circumstances, and it's something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. No parent should ever have to bury their child. Period!

It's taken me twenty years to find the strength to do it, but I've finally written a song about it and will be releasing it shortly, pending copyright. Gotta say, VERY tough to get through playing and singing, but hopefully, it brings strength to others.

It's time.

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