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EC.com Garage Sale!


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The EricCarmen.com Garage Sale will start this Sunday (2/19) at 2:00 pm and will end at 2:00 pm next Sunday (2/26) on eBay. There will be 25 lots up for grabs and each has an opening bid of $1.00! All proceeds help support this website and keep it ticking, so find something you can't live without, or something you always wished you had, or just something for the heck of it and place your bid! Good luck everyone, there are some TREMENDOUS collectibles in this year's auction!


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Originally Posted By: Tim From Wisconsin
Wow - Some people got great bargains, and some items sold for a nice amount of money! smile

...darn, I could have gotten the phone book for 1 dollar!


...and you could use your 8-track collection as book ends!

Hey, I love my 8-Track Tapes - Especially the originals that I bought in the '70's that all 4 guys signed for me during the reunion tours. happy


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