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R.I.P. Whitney Houston


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This was one of the days when I didn't at least have my tv on in the background. I am saddened to hear this news, but I cannot say it was not expected....just not at 48.

Whatever demons drove her to excessive use of narcotics....well she's free of them now. R.I.P. Whitney may God rest your soul and send angels to comfort your loved ones. cryingpray

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It's strange, but this doesn't make me sad - It is sad but not shocking that it happened though.

Life is all about choices...


Sometimes it's tough to feel sadness when you don't feel a musical connection. I'm not saying that applies here, but I know when Amy Winehouse passed away, I felt nothing. In Whitney's case, while I did love that first album, I lost all connection to her after that. I feel sadness because there was no reason for this to happen. Choices.

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Steve, water does tend to seek it's own level and this certainly seems true of Whitney. She divorced Bobby and had been hooking up with Ray J, someone equally worthless.

The fact that people were shocked by her union with Bobby only goes to show what a great job her "handlers" did early in her career. Once she broke free of them....it was the beginning of the end.

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Herman came upstairs to tell me and I was shocked and saddened.

I adored Whitney from the moment she burst onto the music scene. She had it all--the voice, the musical talent, the style, the moves, the acting ability--all of it. Such promise--I could never imagine her slipping into what happened to her.

I look at her albums that I have and just can't imagine her gone. I loved her duet with her Mom on "I Know Him So Well."

What a tragedy for her, her children, her family and the world as well.

RIP "Nippy," as she used to call herself.

:(-- heartpump Dar

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It was a sad story, again. She was supposed to sing at a pre-Grammy's party, put on by Clive Davis. She was found in a bathtub, according to the news, by her entourage.

If she was under a doctor's medication, then drinking was not a good idea.

She had just finished filming a movie, due out on August 17th, called "Sparkled". Put out by Sony Pictures.

The photo of her with season 6 American Idol winner Jordan Sparks is incredible and great, from the movie.

Her ex-husband, Bobby, was in Mississippi, doing a concert with The New Edition. The media wasn't allowed in. He perforned anyway, but was very saddened upon hearing about the news.

She was the first artist to ever record seven number one hits, according to the news.

It was mentioned that she had come out of a nightclub or bar on this past thursday night. Someone said they saw scratches on her arm, and bleeding on her leg. A photo was on the web where she looked asleep while she walked out.

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She sings a duet in the movie. And also a Gospel classic: "Eyes On A Sparrow". I've heard it before. As I'm paraphasing the song, I'll try to remember some words. It is sung with a very positive tone. The chorus has echoing verses, sung after the singer sings. Gospel songs are sung with alot of enthusiam.


Why should I be discouraged?

Why should the shawdows fall?

Why should I feel so helpless?

When things have gone wrong?

-When Jesus is my portion

My constant friend is He

If His eyes are on a sparrow

Then I know He watches over me


(Clapping your hands on each downbeat, starting with "sing")

I sing

[Echoes begin] I sing



I'm happy!!

I sing because I'm happy!

I sing

-I sing


Because I'm Freeeee!!!

And His eyyyyyye is onnnnn the SpaaaaaROW!!

And I Knowww Heeee watches over meeeee.

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