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32 years ago February, 1980


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Hi Hossy and Friends,

Okay, so all of us Tonight You're Mine fans have come of the closet!! laugh

This title song, It Hurts Too Much and Desperate Fools are among my all time Fav Eric singles..

Hossy...thanks again for this high quality upload and GEM!! LuvLove Jean

Steve...LOVE LOVE IYCYM!!!!! I wish we had video of Eric doing that bridge live in the 70s....... spin

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About IYCYM...IDK why no one released that beauty back in the day... frown

You're right Steve...its great on LOSS too; I got the Deluxe package with the whole show..how great is it for us fans to have this?? king They could never put out enough singles of 'Berries to make up for all the "shouldas" from the 70s

Another great moment IMHO is I'm A Rocker on the DVD; AMAZING performance by the whole band...


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If You Change Your Mind. I'm sure Eric has a story on this, but it reminds me of a "lost" Beatles song and story, that you guys all know, just not your neighbor or grocer. Eric's rock screaming vocals are solid gold, of the top of my head I'm guessing maybe Steven Tyler, Daltrey, Meat are in the same league, Bruce too, different register and range. McCartney purposely stayed up to the wee hours of the morning smoking, drinking, and wearing his voice out on purpose during the White album, to get the hoarse husky screaming sound. And by the way, in both cases, there is actually a melody in there.

In so many of EC's songs, on top of the outstanding composition, the essence of his performaance captures urgency and passion.

If You Change Your Mind belongs on the radio today.

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Seems we like the same stuff.. ICR is in my top 5...I LOVE watching that old DKRC video of him playing; I never get tired of watching him play and sing; and he is so great on that particular one...he feels each note..

WHY he has never done a whole movie soundtrack, I'll never know...wonder if he has ever been asked? I know Eric is content with Dirty Dancing and Footloose (and he should be proud for certain..)..but he is capable of scoring a whole movie or Broadway show; we all know that...


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