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Suggestions For Sunday?


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John...I think I'll do that...after all..."Nobody Gets TOO Much Heaven No More"-B.Gibb.

Hey John...Here's a "Lost Hit" by the late great Alex Chilton and the Box Tops...concurring with your suggestion for how a Jewish Single guy can fill his "Football-less Sundays".

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Ira you could....

1. Take up karaoke (sp) and work on singing a lot of Bobby Vee.

2. Make sure to watch the Grammy's Sunday night!

3. Read a book and have a glass of scotch.

4. Go for a run.

I don't know what you will chose to do, but please make sure to tell us what you did!! grin

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Hey Val...I just spoke to you on the phone...maybe you and I can talk tomorrow from 1:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. and you can talk me thru Sunday afternoon's lack of an early and a late game.

Hey who can call me Sunday nite at 8:00 to get me thru no NBC's "Football In America" game of the week?

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