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Lew Bundles

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We should be allowed to write in votes.....As far as the best tag line, I would lean toward either (1) Cartman's oh-so-clever misspelling of "government" as "gub-ment" (except I think that's how he actually learned it in school...), or (2) the classic "I'm in the mood for Lew." For that matter, anything that starts out with - "I saw Bobby Vee the other night, and....."

(Sorry, Ira!)

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Lew - I believe you also need a vote on everybody's favorite video. And since Tommy hasn't posted MY personal favorite on this thread yet, please permit me.........



To quote your least favorite member "heh".

Speaking of whom could we have a choice in Question #4 that doesn't have Hollies as a possible answer as I seem to be the only member he has yet to attack I couldn't find it in my heart to vote on that question. Now had you named one of the mindless posters who seem to post ad nauseum (not to be confused with "ad hoc") then I would have been able to place an honest vote to that question.

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Tommy - Don't know why people think that Steve is my least favorite poster here.....Hell, I enjoy his music-related posts, even if we are polar opposites, as far as politics. But least favorite? Not even close. For further details, PM me.

Will do JohnO. I shiver with an-ti-ci-pation!



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