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Fantasy Baseball 2012


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Now that football season has finally ended (Thank God) and one of my teams won (Thanks again God) it's time to start thinking of the boys of summer and therefore EC.COM Fantasy Baseball.

BTW I just happen to be the Reigning Champion and the ONLY Two Time Champ ever. I may even become the first 3-time champion and the first to repeat in back to back, belly to belly years. Got any news for us LC?

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'Tis done. We'll status-quo things based on last year, but as I told Deputy Commissioner and Vice President of Operations and Chief Recruiting Manager Blackhawk Pat (note that your title is getting better every year, Pat!), we can toss up potential league changes and vote on 'em.

Play on!

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ECL is up and running. I have invited back the twelve players from last season and I am about to start recruiting new additional players for 2012. Anyone interested in joining that has never played, this is the free league, so PM me here or on FB if you want to consider getting in on the fun.

Marlene was our champion last year and she beat me in the World Series on the very last pitch of the season when the Red Sox collapsed to the Orioles and Jonathan Papelbon CHOKED! Had he closed out the game, I would have won based on Jon Lester getting the win. It was THAT close! Congrats to the champ, who beat us up all year and had a great season!

LC and I are both looking forward to continuing the fun in both the RBL and ECL in 2012! Hope YOU will be a part of it!

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So... we're looking for a few good women, or men, to pick up a couple spots in our Fantasy Baseball leagues. Tony C, come on! Isn't it about time you manned up? You always have such astute comments about baseball.... You'd have a blast going up against your EC.com compadres...

JohnO, we make our annual run at you. Should we stop? How about PopDude — we should have you back in the fold.

We definitely have enough for two leagues, but most would rather have 12 or 14 teams than 10. Right now, we look like we'll have 11 or 12 in the money league (need an even number) and around 10 in the "fun league," right Pat?

See you on the virtual diamond...


RBL Commissioner LC, on behalf of ECL Commissioner BHP

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