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Quoting parts of the song and substituting some words, "Too Legit To Quit" by MC Hammer":

Sweat running all over my ch-chest

I don't quit, no.

I just press harder

Than I ever did before

Going for the dream

That I have in store in my mind

And I know that I'm making it

I gotta get mine

And nobody's taking it away

No.'Cause Giants don't play that


Too Legit to quit

When I feel high post

Don't you play me close

I dig 'em smack

And get 'em back

And I'll hit you with a dose

Of Giants power

And play it by the hour

I'm shaking like a quake

We put up scores, with all our power

If they thought were confused

Abused and amused

Competetors were there

And we played by all the rules

We were at our best, in every kind of test

It's ashame I gotta do this

But, I remained the same

Unchanged, gotten better

Never known as a sweater

Kickin' it at the top

Because we got ourselves together

So roll with the team

Who showed that they were "It"

Kickin' it at the top

Because we're too legit to quit


Too Legit

Too Legit To Quit....

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OK, the Giants won the Super Bowl....Kudos to 'em. Now.... somebody, anybody, PLEASE explain how they got their asses kicked, not once, but twice this past season, by the abysmal, crappy Washington Redskins!!!......Game 1, in Washington, the Skins won 28-14, with Eli throwing for 0 TDs and 1 interception, a sterling passing rating of about 71. Then....Game 14, in NY, it was 23-10, Washington (combined 2 game score of 51-24), with All-World Hall of Famer Eli tossing 3 picks and again 0 TDs, on his way to a passing rating of about 45 - 2 of his 3 worst passing games this year against Washington. In both games, he was running his butt off trying to keep from getting sacked repeatedly. And most importantly, I lost money on this 2nd damn game!!! (But I'm not bitter....)

(IMO, there should be a law prohibiting Super Bowl trophies going to teams who can't beat the worst team in their Division at least once.....)

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