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Happy Birthday JohnO!! *Feb 6*


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Happy Happy Birthday, John! birthday

I wish you ALL the best, ALL the fun, ALL the excitement, ALL the happiness, ALL the love, ALL the things you want and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! spin

Your birth date means: “You Are a Visionaryâ€

You tend to be a the rock in relationships - people depend on you.

Thoughtful and caring, you often put others needs first.

You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world.

An idealist, you strive for positive change and dream about how much better things could be.

Your strength: Your intuition

Your weakness: You put yourself last

Your power color: Rose

Your power symbol: Cloud

Your power month: June

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Wishing you a happy birthday tomorrow and sending boatloads of wishes for every good thing all year long, because you truly deserve it all! king

Now make the biggest and best birthday wish you can, take a huge breath and blow 'em all out so it comes true! Ah, it will anyway, because you're a great guy!

Enjoy your special day to the hilt!

Lots of love, heartpump Dar


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Here John. another gift>

Well I dreamed I saw the knights in armour coming saying something about

a queen

There were peasants singing and drummers drumming and the archer split

the tree

There was a fanfare blowing to the sun that was floating on the breeze

Look at mother nature on the run in the nineteen-seventies

I was lying in a burned out basement with a full moon in my eyes

I was hoping for a replacement when the sun burst through the skies

There was a band playing in my head and I felt like getting high

I was thinking about what a friend had said I was hoping it was a lie

Thinking about what a friend had said I was hoping it was a lie

Well I dreamed i saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of

the sun

There were children crying and colors flying all around the chosen one

All in a dream, all in a dream the loading had begun

They were flying mother nature's silver seed to a new home in the sun

Flying mother nature's silver seed to a new home in the sun"

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