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Another poem for Eric


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A follow up to the original poem below , hoping you'll stop in to say hello!

He sings me to sleep night after night

That deep velvety voice always gets it right

The songs he sings you can't help but smile

They make people come from miles and miles

To hear him sing to hear him play

To deny his music hell no way

The piano he plays like no other can

It's time to come back my Marathon Man

We miss you Eric!


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Eric oh Eric where have you been?

The ladies here are missing our little piece of heaven

Dark eyes and great hair, a voice none can compare

You've got rhythmn , you've got soul

Your a rocker that tingles a girls toes

Sending a shiver down my back

Your enough to give any girl a heart attack

Play that piano like only you can

Sing me to sleep my Marathon Man


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Monica..do you know the story behind that picture? You probably do, but in case you don't...it was fron 1978 in Tokyo..Eric showed up early for a photo shoot (no stylist, nothing)..he said they just snapped a few shots and that was it...I know I read somewehere in here that it is one of his fav pics as well (guessing Tony knows this..LOL)l I love that story...Jean

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Monica, I love your poems. They're so original and creative. If anything brings Eric back, they should.

Belle, your poem is great too! There's a lot of writing talent on this board.

I think he's just got a lot going on with that he has to deal with. When he sees his way clear through a few things, I think he'll be back.

And he'll find a lot of cool poetry about how much he's been missed when he returns!


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Ok Darlene you inspired me for this one!

He was a kid from Cleveland

with a dream to rock n roll

A musical genius his story yet to unfold

A composer of music , a writer of songs

This man would go far we knew all along

He could sing a love ballad if by choice

He could bring a stadium down

with that rock n roll voice

A series of songs that could

touch your heart and soul

His music we knew would never grow old

The magic of his fingers as he played

that piano so created many musical encores

May one day he create a beautiful musical score


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He sits at his piano pen in hand

Writing a series of notes that only he can understand

Singing a melody as his hands flow over the keys

Creating a song that is sure to please

His fingers play with ease and grace

The lyrics and notes fall into place

Playing and composing through the night

Singing and rewriting to get it right

A canvas of notes creating a piece

Ageless and timeless becomes this beautiful masterpiece


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