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SuperBowl Pics


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There are so many reasons to root against Tom Brady. Firstly...he is way too good lookin', is rich...and has Giselle Bunchen to rub his tummy when he gets a bellyache. wink

Since I am a Jets fan, and my wife is a Giants fan...clearly my rooting interest will be with the Giants. grin

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The Giants have to get to Brady and hit him...smack him around...sack him...that formula works very well against Brady. Eli on the other hand handles things like that pretty well. He got hammered in The Frisco game...he got up...shook off the cobwebs and got right back to work...could you tell he was sacked? Eli is unflappable!! The GMan picks his GMen in a very entertaining game!

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I put money only on one part of the game. And I won!

This year, no prop bets. Just one on the game.

I almost put money on the Patriots. I thought about it, and went with my instinct.

Last year, I won all seven bets in one day. I posted five of them before the Super Bowl game. ( See NFL playoffs 2011 thread, near the end of the posts_.

The other two were other sports.

Five on the Super Bowl. -Three props. Then the winner, and over the total. It was a minus 3 ( -3 ) for the favorite, the Packers. They won over that. And the game total went over the predicted number.

In sports, minus is the favorite. The Patriots were -3. They had to win by 4 or more, if you had bet on them to win. If they won by three, that's a tie. And you get your money back.

Plus is the underdog.

Example, the Giants won by four. They were a plus 3 ( +3 )

If the Giants had lost by 3 or less, and you bet on them to lose by 3 ( +3 ), you would still win your bet. If they lost the game by 4, and you bet on them, you would lose your bet.

And the underdog can win by any number at all, as long as they win the game outright - They can win by one, two, three, ten, twenty, etc.

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