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Eric, Have You Ever Felt This Way?


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What genius video. I don't think I've ever seen one star lip sing for another star but then again it is Elton John. And I love Justin Timberlake I think he is very talented young man. He was pretty dead on for a young Elton John. What an honor for him! Loved the song! Thanks for posting.


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Hi,Andie, it's awsome!

And this clip reminds me of Eric's unreleased song...."Temporary Hero"

To tell the truth, I really LOVEed this song, from deep inside of me.

But then, I didn't count the song for my favorite Eric's songs list.

Because if I mentioned this song, I will admit his pain and emptiness.

I was afraid that when I ask him to sing, he feels the pain or confuse......

Therefore, I removed the song from my favorite list.

I pretended that I didn't know the song.

But you made me remember this song.

Limousine, take me away
Find me a stage and another town to play
Just like yesterday
Sometimes I feel so strange and empty
But then, I never let it show
I guess that's how it all was meant to be
Beneath the spotlight's glow

Just a temporary hero in the kingdom of hype
Shining like a star in the night
Riding on the glory of a heartbreak song
Shivering in the cold morning light

Like a Gallahad in denim with a six-string sword
Playing out his dreams on the stage
Frozen for a moment in the spotlight's moon
Waiting for the turn of the page

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Such and awesome Unique voice you have Eric! Thank you for sharing such tenderness deep inside your heart, all these years...

After listening to the vibration of your vocals from this song "Everything", I have to say again: You are Such incredible Being of Light...Thank you for sharing your energy with us!


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