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Love Your Songs!


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Well that was the first time i ever wanted to be the microphone,til he started swinging it around at the end! I was waiting for it to go flying. Like I said in my poem dark eyes and great hair. How the hell did i ever end up marrying a green eyed blonde. Must've been during my Kevin Costner Bull Durham days! :lol:


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Sharen said:

Yes Monica this is one video thats the closest we could get to Eric!!!

I'm sure also that Wendy too would love it!!

I've seen this before and enjoyed it again. Thanks! I can honestly say...

"I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers."

Yes, I can honestly say that.


No lying.

I kid you not! :)

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RaspBen said:

Sharen, Don't forget about Jean she will go crazy about this when she gets back from Europe. You will have to give her a heads up when she gets back!


Nice to hear you thought of me while I was gone!! :D

I LOVE how close up we get to those eyelashes!! And, gotta love the grease monkey suit...always love Eric's cool fashion statements that only he can wear well! Although I have seen this before, Eric repeats are NEVER a problem with me!

Thanks for the post Sharen... :heartpump:Jean

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