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Love Your Songs!


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Hey Jean, Aventurine, Monica, MM

I totally agree with all of you....

Eric just mesmerizes us with his beautiful voice when he sings and plays the piano in his most charming way... :) none can beat that!!

And that lucky actress! Hahahaha!

Just wish there were more recent videos like these ones...

Cos Eric...you're forever young!

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Ahhhhhhhhh...the "Chrissy" video!

The one where she's "ragging" on his behind about something or another. Ya know, he left his socks on the floor or, a fork in the sink, or didn't hang his towel up to dry or he forgot to leave his credit card for her to use. The basics "complaints" that some gals like to harp on to no end. But at least "Chrissy" is gorgeous. She gets some points for that!

And, I like seeing Eric act. I think he looks all "cute" being pulled by his suspenders and getting a big old smooch from Chrissy and then giving her a cuddle. His reaction is very natural. Looks like something I'm sure, if given the chance, I'd do. Fun, and sporadic! :)

I also think the "waving of the pen" and the "shrugging of the shoulders" said it all after she got done "b*tching" at him.

Chrissy: "Blah, Blah, Blah, you never pay attention to me, rag, rag, raggity rag."

Eric: "Whatever chick! I paid for everything in here. Ya don't like it, move along."

And she did.

"Bye Chrissy, don't let the door hit you on your perfect bum on the way out!"

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Jean, Monica,

Don't you like that(I'm through with love--official video)?

I LOVE it very much.

It is helpful for my immagination!

How does Eric kiss with his lover?

How does Eric talk with his lover?

How does Eric smile to his lover?

I should let my immagiation run wild! :heartpump:

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I do like Eric's video..its just that I prefer the video where he performs because it feels so geniune to me; he relays so much feeling when he plays. The scripted acting doesn't give me that same feeling, but, I am glad you enjoy it! BUT...I do like watching ANY video of Eric..i just like the performing ones the best..it feels like I am seeing something closer to the "real Eric" on the performing videos :) Jean

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Maybe this belongs in the "Why is Eric so hot" spot but for me the video of the young Eric and the guys recording "Let's Pretend" with Eric's jaw sporting that beard is such a turn-on. Rrrrrruf!

Am I the only one who reacts to that slightly scruffy look on him?

BTW, I love the "Don't Want To Say Goodby" duet. It's absolutely beautiful.


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Jean love to hear Eric sing live, and he certainly wears that 5 o'clock shadow well. These were the first videos i heard last summer and introduced me to The Raspberries other tunes and got me hooked! That led me to watch his solo career videos and so on.

Never get tired of watching these videos only wish he had a Ecstasy video! My favorite rock tune of the Raspberries. That and hoping someday Bernie let's us see the Jailhouse Rock cover again that Eric did, my favorite Elvis rock tune. :cool:


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I wasn't good at finding a keeping Bernie's gifts last Christmas, so I hope I get another chance too. :(

I love "Ecstasy" too...and I feel that way also about "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine.."

Aren't we lucky to have this great old videos? Here's to all these great Raspberries rockers! I just wish Eric would have smiled more; he has a awesome smile.. :heartpump: Jean

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