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Love Your Songs!


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Geez Tony! Give the newbie a break.

At least she didn't post (like SOME members of this board) and go on and on about how "hot" Eric is, how they'd "love" to run their fingers through his hair, how his lips must feel like "two feathered pillows" if pressed against theirs, how "awesome" his body is, how "sexy" his voice is, how "gorgeous" his face is, and...and...oh wait, I do that.

Never mind.

Welcome, Sharen (with an E)!

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Haha..Tony...you are funny!

I'm sure Eric is extremely proud of his songwriting Legacy...and I'm sure we all feel the same way...

All by myself is my all time favorite song... Heard that song during my childhood years....And that got me listening to the rest of Eric's songs quite recently one after another... I am a new fan of Eric Carmen!

Eric's unique and rare vocal range I  enjoy in the song Some One that you loved before, another favorite song of mine.

I love the lyrics of  Eric's songs it's just so beautifully romantic, accompanied  by the sytlish way Eric  plays the piano and the deep expressions he have for his songs, it's just so amazing.

Eric Carmen, you're one of the GREATEST!!

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Ditto that. I'm sure a reflective Eric is most proud of his songwriting and muscianship, but the vocals are more special than I think he even gives himself credit for. Very unique. I was surprised when groups like Journey or Foreignor could tour without the orignal lead singer, but they found decent replacements. Much like Aerosmith though, in this case, there ain't no band without the "guy".

Having said that, imho, Eric not only wrote but arranged to the talents of whatever band he was with, and his arrangement talents may be unnoticed outside of some of you hardcore guys on the board. There was some pretty tricky stuff going on that made Ienner the hero when he had his Friday lunch with the Capitol Record's suits.

A weekend, a piano, and 64 diet cokes...

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