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So, a few of you know that I do alot of Illinois high school girls basketball announcing and with that, I get to pick all the music that plays during stoppages, so I'm always looking for great or familiar intros. Mostly, I only get thirty seconds to a minute to play something, but between games and at halftime, I get to play full versions of songs and I do a huge variety from the 50's to current. Obviously, I try to slip in a few EC or Raspberries cuts, most frequently using "I Wanna Be With You", (which I have played so often, I now see some girls singing it when they are warming up) "Make Me Lose Control", and "Hungry Eyes".

Tonight, after playing the full version of "Hungry Eyes" at halftime, I was speechless when one of the players approached the table and asked "Mr. Griffin, how did you get the whole song of THE M & M'S SONG FROM THE TV COMMERCIAL?"

I wanted to say, "Well, there's this thing called "Dirty Dancing, honey, and, uhhh....."

Ahh, the power of advertising..........ya gotta love it!

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Too funny... sort of reminds me of the "mini-tunes" gag from "Demolition Man" (the movie with Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock)... where the "oldie's" station was actually playing classic advertising jingles and the lounge pianist was tickling the ivories and crooning the "Green Giant" theme... Even in that setting, Eric would apparently be a hit! laugh

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