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Rooftop Raspberries


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Don't tell the neighbors, but Dudley passed away a couple of years ago...I was hoping to dissuade 'mad dog' Cartmill from raiding my stash of Raspberries/Eric stuff...after our attempt to get the Raspberries master tapes from the Capitol record vault, I should have known it would take a lot more than a big dog to keep Tony away.

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Pictures are very good.

Gotta wonder about the "Estrogen Laden" comments pouring out for the photos on the site.

Could be some of ya gals are in heat --- constantly, it seems. Have all of your menses synchronized ? Wheeewww!! Feels rather moist...and warm... in here.

Ladies, take it down a notch, Mr. Carmen's ears must be regularly burning !!! :P:D


6  6

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