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Best Book of 2012........


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Anyone looking for the absolutely perfect gift for the sports fan in your life needs to pick up a copy of:

"Mickey Mantle: Memories and Memorabilia", which is edited by our own EC.com pal, Larry Canale, "LC".

The book chronicles the life of the great Yankees slugger and has loads of incredible color and black and white photos of game action and memorabilia from his storied career. It includes memories from not only the legions of fans of "The Mick", but also has LC's great writing and editing on his personal favorite Hall of Famer.

I just received it in the mail the other day and can't put it down! All you sports fans, and especially you Yankee fans here on the board need to pull out your credit card immediately and pick it up!

You can order the book online at www.krausebooks.com or www.Shop.Collect.com or call toll free at 1-800-258-0929 and ask for it by name.

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Hey, thank you, Pat! You are officially hired as my Director of Publicity!

If anyone has picked up PopDude's book on John Lennon, this one is from the same publisher and uses the same format: tons of eye candy via iconic as well as rare photographs of The Mick, and images of related collectibles and memorabilia. The text, which is about 50,000 words, takes you through his career.

I asked to be listed as the book's editor because in the first half of the chapters, I was revising the work of other (credited) authors. I also wrote the Introduction and the later chapters. I also ghost-wrote the Foreword, based on a series of interviews with the legendary photographer Ozzie Sweet. Ozz photographed Mickey every year of his career and became a close friend of his. I think that's my favorite part of the book — that and the fan memories. I rounded up recollections from a few dozen fans who saw Mick play in person. They were very moving, because so many of them involved moments that kids of the 1950s and 1960s spent at Yankee Stadium, sitting next to Dad as he pointed out "The Magnificent Yankee."

(That's my all-time favorite sports nickname, by the way: "The Magnificent Yankee.")

I should point out that I submitted another two dozen "fan memories" to the publisher, but they couldn't fit all of them. One of those on the cutting room floor, regrettably, was a recollection from my good friend Giro. Giro, I apologize! But... I did use your comment and a few others in a column I wrote for Sports Collectors Digest. It appeared last fall, and I"ll send you a copy if you PM me your mailing address.

Thanks again, Pat! And Naeko, and James, and Susan, too.



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Pat, thanks for the heads up about this book!! I just got it from Amazon for my Kindle and can harly wait to get started. Mickey Mantle is one of my faves!!

Larry, I am sure it is going to be great. I've skimmed some pages already and had to stop!! I want to take my time and enjoy this one!!

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Follow this link to the Amazon listing page where you can get a sneak peek into what looks to be an awesome cool book! I can't wait to get my copy!


What an honor and a privilege it is to be able to consider its accomplished smart creator, as my personal friend!

Congratulations to our own LC, aka Larry Canale, "The Magnificent Editor"! LuvLove

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I asked to be listed as the book's editor because in the first half of the chapters, I was revising the work of other (credited) authors. I also wrote the Introduction and the later chapters. I also ghost-wrote the Foreword, based on a series of interviews with the legendary photographer Ozzie Sweet.


I got it just now!!! heartpump

Wonderful work! heartpump

Then I have a regrettable thing.

Because there is no photograph of a Larry in the portion of an editor's introduction! cryingwink

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Aw, you're sweet, Naeko. I will send you a photo. Or, maybe I should do some serious self-promotion and have you buy my earlier baseball books! eek They both have photos of me on the sleeve. Both are hardcover, full-color collaborations with a great American photographer named Ozzie Sweet.

One is called Mickey Mantle: The Yankee Years/The Classic Photography of Ozzie Sweet, and it came out in 1998. The other is called The Boys of Spring (2005), and the cover has Ozzie's name REALLY big, while mine is small at the bottom ("Text by..."). No complaints here, though; he was the big draw. He's a legendary photographer who has had 1,800 magazine cover photos in dozens of different categories between 1942 and 2012... a 70-year span.

Ozzie is now 93 and someone I'm proud to call a friend. I have been visiting him at least once a month for the past three years because we're working on a biography of his amazing career, which goes back so far that he photographed Einstein (for a Newsweek cover, March 1947). If you go to my Facebook page, I have a little slideshow of 25 of Ozzie's covers. I don't think I'll be able to post the other 1,775 of them, but... I'll try! Anyway, I've never been one for self-promotion, which is why I appreciate Pat's thread here. But I sure don't mind promoting Ozzie!

PS: Thank you, too, James, Sue, Rick/Mood, Darlene, Wendy, Kim, Monica, Tracy, and Elle. I sure appreciate your kind words and support!

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Wait, did he write it or just edit it?

Whaddaya mean, "just" edited it? Heck, editing can be way more of a headache (and challenge!) than writing.

Seriously, I'll give you the back story, even though I don't think you'll actually care. :-) smile But... you asked!

I insisted on an "Edited by" byline because a few other writers (see the Acknowledgments) generated copy that I inherited. You see, the project landed in my lap because the publisher needed help, and was in a jam. In short, I had to pull together a 45,000- or 50,000-word manuscript during a manic eight-week period (on top of my normal job and my "Mr. Mom" duties :updown: ). The most efficient way to get the job done was to revise and edit other material the publisher had rounded up when the project first got under way — and then to write the rest.

Ultimately, I edited about half the book and wrote about half. So... being a Liberal and a Dem, I didn't think it was fair to take credit for others' work. It just wouldn't be right.

There you have it, Tony. Aren't you sorry you asked?

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Thank you John, Suzanne, Kirk, Tony!

And Tony, I want to collaborate with you on a book — a book about Al Gore. What do you think? We could alternately praise his work and rip him to shreds. Which angle would you want to take? smile

Maybe we could call it: "Two Takes on The Best President We Never Had." What do you think?

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