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Cetera & Gaitsch


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I’ve got tickets Peter Cetera's gig in Tokyo on January 24.

And In the gig, Bruce Gaitsch performs a guitar!!!

I am looking forward to their gig very much.

I love Gaitsch's performance

in Eric’s album "Winter Dreams",

and I often listening his album "a lyre in a windstom".

But then………

I surely think of you,Eric, during their gig……… LuvLoveheartpump

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Aventurine.....Bonnie & I saw Peter Cetera a few years back @ the Naples Philharmonic where he appeared with a sinfonietta, some electric musicians...AND Bruce Gaitsch on guitar. It was a great show with some twists on old Chicago tunes....especially "25 or 6 to 4".

Wish I was going again! Enjoy...I'm jealous! winkspin

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That would be absolutely exquisite. In my early career on Wall St..I had a choice to work in London or Tokyo.......as a young foolish 23 yr old at the time I chose London. Now...as an old foolish 52 yr old...I'd pick Tokyo. coolgrin

The following is the version of "25 or 6 to 4" that you'll get to see. It's a poor recording lifted from youtube. BTW, Bruce Gaitsch does an awesome guitar solo on "If You Leave Me Now"!

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