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New Year's Eve


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You, too, Aventurine.

It will be both excellent, and awesome.

Thanks to The Raspberries who played in 2011. Wally, Scott, and Jim. To name a few. Then again, it's New Year's Eve. Who knows who might show-up to play and sing a song tonight. Any surprises. Maybe will see something on YouTube.com .

Jim can practice without all the noise, with his digital drum set. And listen to an artist and play along with the singer or band's drums.

I heard that there is a new car, in Japan, that will be ready in 2012. cool

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I forgot to mention one of the overdubs, Billy Sullivan, who played at Wally's concert. And who also played on the DVD that The Raspberries had recorded, live from The House Of Blues, on Sunset in L.A.

I heard it (the place) jokingly called, "Anything but The Blues" since hardly anyone ever plays The Blues there.

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I think Eric played somewhere, about three years ago, but not sure. Jim played drums, I think it was mentioned, for a few songs. There was a band already playing that night.

I wonder whether or not there will be another addition of Marathon Man, the book. An addendum. Especially if Eric creates recordings, in 2012. With some of the changes in his life, it would be worth reading what he thinks, now, after all that he's been through. Then, and now.

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Guest Rachan

Happy New Years Day!

I hope everyone had fun celebrating last night!

We had a quiet night with just my husband ,daughter & I.

It was strange not having the boys or my in-laws around....

I DID have fun chatting with some of the wonderful people here smile

My husband made us cocktails & we sat & had chinese food.

The african american woman at the liquor store gave me some sure fire tips for great financial prosperity! (wait a minute...she sells booze for a living....)

Anyhow she said that if I had greens cooking on the stove at midnight that was good luck. So I had greens cooking! She also said that it's good luck to have a man walk through the door at midnight (I would imagine it would depend upon who the man was...) So at 11:59 I started shrieking "GET OUT" to my husband,so he could walk back in at 12 (He seemed a little startled,but why mess with good luck?)

She also said something about putting beans in my pocket, but I've never heard that one & I'm pretty sure she was F'ing with me at that point.

After I chased my husband out & then let him back in,he took Rachel outside with sparklers & fireworky things, so she could watch him burn his thumb & cuss in the new year.

Todays good luck superstitions include my making pork for dinner (I am primarily Irish) BUT, my husband is Italian & it's sunday,so we need to have macaroni & gravy...so the pork is going to be served via meatball...

My husband is trying to convince me that it's "bad luck" not to have sex on New years day.....(I may have a pocket full of beans, but I wasn't born yesterday!)

I hope everyone here has a year filled with good luck & prosperity! This is a pretty neat place (most of the time eek )

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Happy New Year!!

Last night was quiet in my house. TJ went to sleep (as usual) around 8 pm. He re-awakend at 12:30 in time for the new year!!

I don't know about having a pot of greens cooking at midnight being good luck, Tracy. I do know that you've got to have a pot of black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck. Also, the if the first man to walk through your door on New Year's Day is tall and dark haired, it is also good luck!! At least that's what was taught in my family.

Today was a really nice day. Sunny and warm, but not hot. We took TJ to the beach (his first time) and gave him his bottle while we sat in the car and did some people watching. When he was finished we got out and let him look around and enjoy the sea-air. We all had a great time!!

Tonight for dinner we had black-eyed peas, cornbread and ham. Yummy!! For some odd reason there was a serious run on black-eyed peas locally. I mean no store had any at all!! Thankfully, I had a package in the cupboard. I've never seen such!!

I think 2012 (just like any year) will bring to your life what you have already put into the universe.

I know this year is going to be great!! ENCORE is having a Rawhide marathon and TJ has just finished his bath!!

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Happy New Year 2012!

May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you all! heartpump0

New Year is the most important holiday inJapan.

We do the major house cleaning to welcome the New Year with fresh and serene minds before New Year’s Eve.

On the New year's day, we go to a shrine or temple to pray for safety, happiness, success, good health and so on.

And during the New Year’s holidays, we eat Osechi, and Zoni. Osechi is the special traditional food cooked to celebrate the New Year, beautifully arranged in lacquer boxes. Each dish has a particular meaning, hopes, health. The main dishes are colorful vegetables, fish, shrimp,black beans and so on. Zoni is a soup with rice cake called Mochi. I am proud of Japanese culture and tradition.

And thank you, Friends!

xoxoxoxoxo heartpump


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Long time no see you! I’m very glad to talk with you.

I was just remembering you few days ago, because I found your past post about your trip to Hamamatsu Japan! Hamamatsu is known as the city of YAMAHA.

Did you have a cance you to check at “YAMAHA World Popular Song Festival†thred that hossy posted before? That’s really good performance. Don’t miss it!

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My husband is trying to convince me that it's "bad luck" not to have sex on New years day.....(I may have a pocket full of beans, but I wasn't born yesterday!)

Happy New Year, Tracy!

Is it the culture in your country?

Love and sex……these are outsideof my expertise wink

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