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Dating At 50+


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My buddy Mel (Curlew on EC.com)..once said to me..."I'm not ready to show pictures of my grandchildren"................ (metaphorically)...and "Kvell"...(get great incredible satisfaction) from Grandpa babysitting...finding bargains at the supermarket on ground beef...and family gatherings".

Just 'cause you're over 50...doesn't mean ya don't have passions!

My greatest frustration with dating has been meeting women...who after 20-30 years of marriage...yammer about their kids...grandkids...and seem to be lost without soccer games...baking...and the PTA.

I really understand this...but I'd like the next 30 years of my life to be MORE passionate and exciting than the first 60.

And since this is a site populated by people with passions...hopefully I'm preaching to the choir.

HEY..even the Chairman Of The Board seems to agree with me...

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I have treated quite a few women in their late 40's and into their 50's that were extremely "spirited"...a few actually could put much younger women to shame!(In my professional opinion, of course!!!). I'm always knocked off balance by the frequency with which many of these gals go "commando". Hell, I'm an innocent altar boy from Bleesed Sacrament Catholic School!!! blush

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Steve...I've only been at it a little while...To paraphrase "Ruby And The Romantics"...I have no doubt..."My Day Will Come"...but I assure you...there really ARE some lost souls out there...falsely content with the "Pleasant Valley Sundays" of their failed marriages and "Wishin' And Hopin'" they could re-create what wasn't so hot in the first place......and you know what...I'm thrilled that at this stage of my life...I truly feel life is good...and "It's Gettin' Better All The Time".

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Rob...I've become a very optimistic guy...and I'm REALLY a very nice guy...it actually saddens me when I date someone like what I've described.

Remember...I've thusfar ONLY done computer dating...The internet is NOT an exclusive club...some of these folks have been out there a LONG time...and that's not a coincidence.

It may be time to ask friends..."Do you know a woman who REALLY is nice"....

The thing is...I'm not lonely at all!

It's just crossed my mind that it would be an enhancement to meet someone who is positive and youthful...which I'd like to think I am.

BTW...Happy New Year..Good Buddy.

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The worst thing I did was to lose 70 pounds. Now when I go cruising in the Z28, they start conversations by saying, "Nice car, bet it's fast!". To which I say, "My wife loves it when I go fast"!!! haha When I was overweight, they totally ignored me. Ignorance really can be bliss!!!

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Dr. Rob's guaranteed, "sure-fire" formula:

Saw palmetto

Pygeum africanum


Tribulus terrestris


Maca root


Natural Vit. E


Vit. C mineral ascorbates

This formula will make you the "Peter North" of your over-50 condo or townhouse group!!!

And Tony, this relates directly to what you are saying in your signature.

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Since Ira quoted me at the beginning of his post, it's only right that I get to chime in with a few choice words of my own.

Since he's been out there dating, I've heard all the details about his potential candidates as he wended his way through the various online singles sites. What's really so discouraging is that most of these women (at least the ones Ira has met) sound as though they got married young, created a sense of identity wrapped solely around the the parameter of being a 'reproductive couple' , and now, whether by divorce or widowhood, are absolutely clueless about what to do to feel good now. I guarantee all of you that NONE of these women were listening to the Raspberries all those years ago. Songs like 'Tonight' or 'I wanna Be With you' or 'Ecstacy' would sound incalculably alien to all of these women. And therein lies the bulk of the problem.... I think Ira should subject his potential dating partners to a rock'n'roll appreciation proficiency exam right from the start. It would save him a lot of time and effort....

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Since this has been a mainly male thread (of complaints),,,

It's only fair that I weigh in for my gender...

(This isn't against you Ira...It's become a gender thing)

You want results??? F'ing dazzle me....make me laugh...make me feel special...engage me in conversation ...

I am not interesting speaking of my family....(?) what are you speaking of?..You're not interested in your family?.what have we lived at this point?

No need to harp...but we aren't kids, & our lives have been working to do what's right...

For All involved....parents, children, ourselves...

What is this "you're no fun" attitude?

As far as I'm concerned , there is NOTHING sexier than a good father,a responsible man with a sense of humor who actually LIKES the company of women......

Not a big demand

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