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Lost Appearance - "EveryDay"


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LatetotheParty said:

LOL..Andiemay...I asked about the Penguins awhile back and I guess the rest of the group was just oogling Eric's fabulousness and didn't notice the damn penguins!!

Penquins? Sorry...I don't see any damned penquins or any kind of penquins. :)

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I remember seeing this show.  I kind of liked the show and I was SO excited because Eric was going to make an appearance.  I actually thought it was a year or so earlier (I was 13 in 1978), because I thought it was nearer to when I got the "Eric Carmen" album for my birthday! :)

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Love looking at all the "photo log" stuff uploaded.  I'm quite a bit late to the party here.

No disrepect intended, just wondering ---- how in the heck did Mr. Carmen get his hair to stand up that high on his head?  This is a bit extreme for the hair fashion he generally  keeps to (the photo on the show with the penguins in the background).  There doesn't appear to be any teasing or shallac involved in the process.  Most of my female contemporaries back then would've given anything to get their hair that high and look that good.

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