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Things I miss...


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When I was 6 years old back in Christmas of 1971, my mom got me a Big Wheel toy from Marx. My brothers broke it 4 or 5 months later in 1972 & I got upset!!! arrghmad In late 1975 when I was 10 years old, I got a Snoopy drive in theater which does NOT have sound just the picture reel which runs 2 or 2 1/2 minutes. Also thanks to EBay & Amazon, I can get those out of print Christmas CD's!! Matt

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I miss Friday nights hanging out at "Rocky point" with my friends...HS Football..Hurricanes vs Patriots(go Canes)...hanging out at the mall..trying to be Kool happy

Cruising down Airport Rd on Saturday nights..looking for cute guy's in fast cars...The Italian Festival in Federal Hill...All that food, and cute Italian guys LuvLove

Dell's Lemonade..Ktel records...just hanging with good friends..doing absolutely nothing...Good times..The 70's

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I miss Saturday morning cartoons, Wonderama, Shindig, Am Bandstand, Hullabaloo - I miss all the television from the mid to late 1960's ...... I miss my original Barbie dolls my mom made me give away when I was 12 1/2 because "I was too old to even keep them in my closet (let's not even DISCUSS how much they are worth today with all the outfits I had since 1963), I miss my original 16, Spec, Tiger Beat, Circus, Raves, Creem, ROck Scene magazines from 1965 until I believe 1979 (those were gulp - thrown out onto the street because we were moving in 1981) (yet another huge expense trying to recreate my 1974-1979 rock magazine collection). I miss the seasons, the pussywillows in the early spring, daffodils, the wild black eyed susans that used to be around all the time. I miss being a child and not having any worries at all except for maybe missing a Monkees episode lol. I miss just being innocent and having fun at my Aunt June's house in the summer time - swimming in her built in pool, playing "store", making tents to hang out in. At least I can still look back and remember these things (so far lol). I also miss my favorite candy store that had all the best magazines and gum cards and Buy Rite - my favorite toy store in the whole world - I can still smell in the summertime the chlorine in the building as they put some above ground pools on one side of the store every year. I guess I just miss being under 12 years old - before all the S**T hit the fan lol.

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making tents !!! (we also built Forts") laugh

Tracy and MJ just brought back some "not-too-long-ago" memories.

About ten years ago, I found myself watching my daughters who were probably 7 and 3 at the time. Bonnie was at a swim meet all day and into the evening. The weather sucked, so we spent the day indoors. Well I had my daughters grab EVERY single bedsheet, blanket and comforter in the linen closets. We built the most AMAZING tent/fort which went from both girls' rooms down a small hallway, through the dining room and into the living room. We held up the roof(made of linens) with chairs, etc. We each had a flashlight and spent the whole evening "camping out" in our fort. The thing was larger than the house in which I was raised! haha

I know I have a picture of it somewhere.......I'll post when I find it (especially since I didn't have any grey hair back then..LOL). Anyway....lovely memory inspired by MJ and Tracy! thanks smile

of course I pitch tents all the time ....but my wife ignores them :yikes:grin

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I miss the semi-innocent mischief my friends and I used to get into as teenagers.

One valley summer night after the young folks mid-week church meeting I put paper in the door lock and hid in the bathroom. All the others hid on the river side of the levee and we waited until the adults left. I opened the door and let the other kids in and we partied all night-basketball, baked chocolate cake, played hide and seek. We told our parents we were each staying with a friend (deceptive but true).

We slepped in the chapel on the pews. I slept near the sacrament table. We got up and cleaned up before seminary class and waited outside for the teacher. Pretty naughty for my group but what great buddies we were.

Our folks never found out as far as I know.


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That is a GREAT memory!!! Not just for you, but your daughters will always remember that too. smile

My mom used to get PISSED that I stole every clean blanket in the house!!

When the boys were little, we let them build a tent in the back yard & we ran a cord out so they had this little tv in it.

They told us that they were going to stay overnight in it.(sure...) My husband and I stood at the back door & watched their silhouettes cast against the blankets...trying to keep the dog inside the tent, because they were nervous out in the dark.They lasted until about 12:30 before the dog made a break for it,& they weren't too far behind!!


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"Dog and Suds"

Steve, wanted to make sure you knew there was still one operating on Rt 254 between Elyria and Lorain.

I was glad to see that the A&W place was still there in Kent the last time I was out there, although they don't put the tray on the side of your car or bring your food out to you like they did when I was a little kid...

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