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Hey Miriam! Merry Christmas to you , Tommie and Tommie SR. Hope you guys have a happy , healthy day and little Tommie is all big saucer eyes for his first Christmas! To everyone who is part of the EC family, Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays, Happy Hanaukah , Happy Kwanzaa and everything in between!



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Tony, please believe me when I tell you one "real man" does end his name in "ie"...as does his little son!!

Also, please click on this link!!


Sweet Miriam, but that doesn't help me feel better about this "ie" man thing...So, Ba Humbug till I can work through it...or until the Ghost of Christmas Future pays me a visit and scares the Christmas crap out of me... :yikes:

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Thank you for the beautiful Christmas wishes, Miriam!

Wishing a blessed, beautiful and peaceful Christmas that's filled with joy, wonder and happiness for you and your family, Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim and their families, Bernie and his family and to all EC.commers and their families as well.

It is more blessed to give than to receive and you've all given me so very much throughout the years. Thank you, and wishing all a peaceful, prosperous and healthy Happy New Year as well.

:)--Love, heartpump Dar

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And now... happy day after...

Maybe it's just me; usually is it seems, but...

Have we become such a greedy and ungrateful society that we build up for a holiday almost as if pursuing sexual climax... and the moment "the deed is done", we can't wait to wash our junk and move on to the next big thing?

Seriously, I stopped off at the grocery store this morning for a few things... and was harshly reminded as they had a full crew in stripping the shelves of anything resembling Christmas... candy canes, toys, chocolates... But the real eye-popper for me was that they already had replaced it with Valentines candy at the cash register... How romantic, huh? They won't "cuddle" with Christmas, but they're willing to "sell" romance...

I know it's commonplace... retail has to work for the next sale... How many people are already packing away the decorations? Taking down the tree? Housecleaning is great, but again; why the rush? I always believed that "the holidays" ran through New Years, so... I know "the deed is done" but I'd still like a little time to relax and catch my breath... maybe have a smoke or a snack... before leaping to my feet and pulling on my jeans...

Oh well... just me, right?

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I'm with you Paulie...

I LIKE today...no pressure to visit, etc...

It still feels like Christmas to me & I'm in no hurry for it to end....after this it's just plain ol' winter.

We'll keep our lights & tree up for the next week...

I seriously enjoy lighting all of my candles on the mantlepiece,starting a nice fire & having just my tree lights on. Very warm & cozy.

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