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Voyager & Eric


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Do you remember the photo?

It is the stage setting of the YAMAHA WORLD POPULAR SONG FESTIVAL held in Japan in 1979 that Eric had invited as a special guest performer.

(Check That's Rock'N Roll "Yamaha World popular song festival" topic. You can find his great performance in the topic that hossy presents!

I've watched this on TV. His performance had broadcasted all over Japan.

Eric's voice and his songs were unforgettable for me and for many Japanese fans.

But I've almost forgotten this stage setting.

I want to say thank you again to share us the photo and record, hossy!

When I saw the photo, I thought this stage seting designed "Mars".

But my hasband said;

"It isn't Mars. Look! There are four little spotlights stand in a line. Probably these are the design of the Galilean moons. The Galilean moons are the four moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo Galilei. So it must be Jupiter. The Voyager of NASA passed through Jupiter in 1979. That was the biggest news at that time. Therefore, this stage setting is surely Jupiter."

Although he doesn't notice my hairchange, he is smart!

I think that!

It expressed great respect and admire to the United States and great Voyager program by designing Jupiter in the stage setting.

Well, stage settig for Eric Carmen which invited from the United States!!!

This was fit Eric who is interested in the universe!

Mr. Carmen, Would you tell us the first impression when you saw this stage setting, and stood in front of the stage setting?

Then, I read a article in the newspaper on August 11 this year.

"Voyager No. 1 of NASA comes out of the solar system soon".

Eric's BD 8.11 and Voyager news! :)


I think not. :D

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Aventurine great photo, my son is studying the planets in school currently and right away said "hey thats Mars!" He read your post but insists its Mars because Mars is red. I told him it is probably suppose to be Jupiter but how can you argue with a 8 yr! He thought it was a real cool pic! Thanks for sharing ! :cool:


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