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Beach Boys To Reunite


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I'm nervous...!

So many old wounds...so much water under the bridge..

But the surviving members of the Beach Boys WILL reunite for 50 dates on their 50th anniversary AND a new album.

Hey...To quote Gerry And the Pacemakers..."I'll Be There."

To quote Gary Lewis And The Playboys"..."Count Me In".


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Ya know Reid...not ONE older act sells volumes of CD's...or downloads anymore.

Even Springsteen's "Magic"...a damn good effort from a coupla years back...or McCartney's new stuff sells.

Radio plays to youth....the older acts' material gets no exposure...and frankly...most people our age don't buy music...they listen over and over to the music of their youth.

Still and all I'm dyin' to see the remainin' "Boys" in concert...and to hear...even if I'm only one out of 500 people who buys it...a new recording of Beach Boys music produced by Mike and Brian.

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Can't wait. I'll definitely take in a show, and doggone it, I'm bringing my daughters. I know they'll love hearing "Surfer Girl" by the real deal (as opposed to me — though my version did work nicely as a lullabye to get 'em to sleep all those years ago). Even without Carl and Dennis Wilson, this will be the ultimate way to hear "Surfer Girl" in the 21st century.

I hope the Beach Boys bring along their own "Overdubs" (Wondermints) to keep those harmonies intact.

And for an opening act, how about that Eric Carmen guy? He could put together a nice little 11-song set list [see the thread on Eric and the number 11] that might include "Sunrise," "She Did It," "Someday," "Cruisin' Music," "I Wanna Be With You," "All By Myself," "Boats Against the Current," "My Girl," "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again," and "That's Rock'n'Roll." It would make an ideal lead-in to the Beach Boys. Maybe he could even help out with "Caroline No." :-)

(How do we always get the topic to come around to EC?)

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paulie...It's SUCH a mixed bag.

Mike appears to be one of the greatest schmucks of all time.

Brian ...such a beautiful man...such a survivor...so damaged...but still a beautiful soul.

Dennis...a REAL tragedy.

Carl...I would've liked to be his friend.

Al...I'd like to have been his friend too.

Bruce...almost an original..and also seems to be "a bit of alright"...to quote the British.

BUT...with everything...The Beach Boys somehow ARE America at it's best...and I kinda think ya gotta love them.

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GREAT stuff L.C.

Was it the Mothers Of Invention who had a great album title..."We're Only In It For The Money.

I love the effect the Beach Boys have had on my life...but suddenly ALL is forgiven...we're all friends...Capitol records is our home sweet home again....Who knows how these things work?

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