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Eric Returns To The Music World!


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I read some article yesterday written by a man who is in the music business of Japan.

He wrote;

"Eric Carmen participate in some new album.

I heard the demo.It is awesome quality!

The album will be released in January."

All I know is that.

Then, I'm very very excied in this wonderful news!!!

Eric, is it true?

Do you write some new song?

Do you sing or perform?

Whose album do you participated?

Eric, tell us, tell us!

I cann't wait! :wub:

I guess...

Bossa nova hotel ? Michael Senbello ? Janey Clewer? Bruce Gaitsch?

Or some other artist whom David Foster produces?

I wanna hear from your lips as soon as possible! :wub::heartpump:

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I got more information.

I checked on the song title list of Janey's new alubum. Then I found the title that Eric wrote before.

Is this NEW version, or OLD version?

Something is better than nothing...but it's NOT exciting.

Janey will be released 2 new albums on Junuary. Bruce Gaitsch also released on the same time in Japan. And Gaitch will perform on Junuary with Peter Cetera in Japan.

Your friends are moving on!!!

Eric, Could you tell me is it ALL you did on this album? :(

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Tony,it's true.

Janey Clewer's new album will be released in January from vivid sound corporation.It's Japanese indie label.


  1. Ooh Ooh
  2. I Should Let Go
  3. The Summer Wind
  4. Too Good To Be Real
  5. Picture This
  6. This Masquerade
  7. Make Her Mine (duet w / Marc Jordan)
  8. Shangri-la
  9. Fallen For Brazil
  10. Coup De Grace
  11. Ooh Ooh (single mix)

And another one is Love by Janey Clewer and Freinds.

  1. Love
  2. Falling In Love
  3. Won't Go Back
  4. Two Shooting Stars
  5. Can't Let You Go With My Heart
  6. Impossible
  7. Call Me Romantic
  8. God's Perfect Plan
  9. Only Time Will Tell
  10. Forever Valentines
  11. Exposed
  12. Lovers Are Never Lost
  13. The Last Words You Said
  14. If Only For Tonight

You can find the song Eric write before.....

Anyway something is better than nothing.....

but it isn't big news.

I feel so....... :(

hmmmmmm....what should I say?

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I'm still looking forward to release of the new album.

There may be someone who get a chance to hear Eric's voice for the first time in Janey's album.

And the one may become Eric's new fan.

And another interesting thing!

The new album cover will desined by Japanese famous graphic artist Morito Suzuki.

He has worked with some of the greatest musicians,


The total eclipse of the moon was seen in Japan the early morning of December 11.

It was so beautiful and visionary..

My wish may have disappeared like that total eclipse of the moon.

Then, don't forget, Eric.

Many of fans are STILL waiting for you in Japan :heartpump:

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elle4ec said:

Thank you for the information on the album, Aventurine! You never know, maybe some positive response to his collaboration on Janey's album may give Eric :heartpump: an incentive to do something new :pray: !

Thank you, Elle. I agree with you. You are always sweet!!

I love your words :heartpump:

Janey's album may give Eric an incentive to do something new :pray: !

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