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My move from hell is finally over !! (Well….not really).

First of all, I really need to apologize if I overlooked anyone’s birthday. I am truly very sorry. I was moving and had my internet disconnected and just got my new service connected. I feel like I have been on a non-stop roller coaster ride for the past few months.

I was renting an apartment in a two family home for 11 years that was recently sold. The closing date was set for the end of December. I had a place to move into but it was being completely renovated with a new bathroom, new kitchen, wood floors and paint and was supposed to be finished by November 1 and I was going to start moving boxes over little by little and start setting up so all that would be left to move was the furniture at the end of this month. I started packing in October but had to stop when I didn’t have any more room for any more boxes. Well, the new place was not ready as promised by November 1 and it still isn’t finished. The bathroom is finished. The floors are finished. The kitchen will be done after the holidays and there is still painting to be done. I then was informed that the closing date was moved up to December 15, so I had ten days to finish packing and get out of here. HA !! It will never happen !! Now, I admit that I’m a little bit of a pack-rat….okay…I am a big time pack rat !! I save e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I’m a sentimental ball of goo and just can’t throw anything out. Not only did I have to pack up a one-bedroom apartment, I had to pack an attic full of stuff, a garage full of stuff and I’m ashamed to say that I rent a storage unit that is packed from ceiling to floor. So…..I decide to move whatever was packed along with my furniture and then go back to the old place to finish packing.

The move last weekend was like a Seinfeld episode. I had a reservation to pick up a truck at 9:30 in the morning but the truck wasn’t available until 1:30 in the afternoon. Finally at 2:00 the move started. The living room was first on the list. The love seat made it down the stairs and into the truck. The chair made it down the stairs and into the truck. The tables made it down the stairs into the truck. But the couch was not so lucky. The couch made it down the stairs, but when it got on the outside stoop, the railing snapped taking the bricks with it and the stoop collapsed !! Luckily, only my couch was hurt….very hurt!! Now I’m wondering how on earth the rest of the stuff will be moved with a pile of rubble where the stoop once stood….but they did it….very carefully !!

I now get to the new place and it’s a mess. They renovated, but they conveniently forgot to clean up all the dust. So, I’m frantically whizzing around trying to vacuum up all the dust BEFORE the furniture arrives which of course doesn’t happen. I manage to finish one room and have the guys pile all the stuff in that one clean room while I zip around and clean the other rooms. Now I’m left with a pile of furniture in one room that needs to be moved again. Ya think I’m stressed yet???? All I really wanted to do was put my bed together, crawl into it and pull the covers over my head and pretend this fiasco never happened !!

The rest of the stuff that is packed at my old place will be here tomorrow and I honestly don’t know where I will put it. I haven’t unpacked one box yet because I’ve been packing stuff at the old apartment. I can’t find a damn thing. I don’t know where anything is and my poor little pussycat, Mushu, is traumatized. She won't come out of the corner of the living room.

I know I’ll feel better once I’m settled, but when I look around at the pile of boxes I can’t help but say that I never, never, never want to move again !!

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Eek, Diane !!! I'll pray for you. No more trials--you've had enough for this lifetime! But you're so strong, you always triumph over whatever life throws at you. When life throws lemons, you truly DO make lemonade!

RELAX--! And SLEEP !!! You'll get to everything bit by bit.

Just don't work yourself to a frazzle, like you usually do. :-)

Comfort Mushu and be calm. She will comfort *you*.

Love you and glad your move from hell is over!

Just think how beautiful your kitchen and wood floors will be!

:)--Love, D

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Diane, your moving craziness reminds me of that Friends episode were Ross , Rachel and Chandler are trying to move Ross's couch up flights of stairs. Ross keeps yelling pivot!pivot!pivot!the couch ends up getting stuck in the stairwell and ends up falling over the rail. Hope thats the end of your moving madness, try to have a good weekend! spin


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Diane...why the complaiing...Wealthy people ALWAYS acquire lotsa stuff...and moving ALL your Picassos etc. to that new mansion on the Gold Coast Of Long Island IS gonna be a schlepp...SHEESH!...A regular Kardashian you are!

Ya know I love you heartpump...Thank God it's over...

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I feel your pain, Diane. We started moving back in July/August and are still not finished. Not even close. It is amazing how much stuff you end up with after twenty years in one place. Much is getting the old heave ho, but there is a lot of stuff that is just going to have to be stored until the place and the new business get settled. Misery loves company! cry

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Diane...I feel your pain. We have bought our third house in 10 years this summer. Also, we had to move to an apt for 3 months just before this last house. We have been married 37 yrs and three daughters. They are obviously gone but the junk is not. I made countless trips to Goodwill in the past 1.5 years..thank goodness! I have said that we are going to be fertile ground for the next episode of Hoarders! I do not know what we would have done without throwing out or donating to charity. We still have our basement family room and bedroom with too much stuff. I have been making lots of shelves for the garage and many boxes have gone onto them...Its great! The shelves are up high and the boxes are stacked on them so it works like a charm. As far as throwing things out.....I now throw books much easier since getting a Nook and going to library. Really the only true things to keep are photos and personal momentos connected to people. Everything else can be replaced or done without. I am painting our kitchen today and once it is done I dont have to revisit that for years... You will be fine. Just keep at it and it will improve.

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