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Beach Boys Surprise


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I took my beautiful son Jake to see the Beach Boys tonite ...Music has always been a real bond between Jake and me.

He's a special needs kid...and he's REALLY special.

Well I had some trepidation....being a bit of a 60's Rock And Roll musical purist....and knowing that this band doesn't have Brian Wilson and Al Jardine.

This version of the Beach Boys contains original member Mike Love...semi-original member Bruce Johnston and a buncha young guys...and their reputation is that they are a "Hit Machine" that gives the people what they want...

But I gotta say...They were GREAT!

Mike's buddy...Uncle Jesse...(John Stamos)...John Cowsill...and super original Beach Boy David Marks were all in attendance.

They played some GREAT "Lost Hits"..."Hawaii".."California Dreamin'"..."Getcha Back".."Little Honda"...their version of "Why Do Fools Fall In Love".."Surf City" which Brian wrote and gave to Jan and Dean....the incredibly obscure..."Still Crusin"...which I believe was their follow-up to "Kokomo"..."Little Saint Nick"....and to top it off Bruce did "Disney Girls"...and these tunes were delightfully sprinkled between the hits.

It was great fun...and forgive me GMan...Hollies65...and other musical historians on this site...but Mike was in great voice...and I recommend this show to ALL members and their families...and this is coming from a Beach Boys fan who knows that this band is not the real thing...BUT..."It's Only Rock And Roll...And I Like(d) It". smile

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Well, I for one, find it hard to look at any version of The Beach Boys without any Wilson in it. I realize Carl and Dennis can't be helped, but I just wish that Mike Love would call this "Mike Love" rather than the Beach Boys.

I've been fortunate enough to see Brian a few times and he does many BB classics, but still calls his show "Brian Wilson".

I guarantee you Eric Carmen would not tour as "Raspberries" with Jim, Dave, and Wally missing. Paul McCartney does many Beatles songs in his show, but it's not called "The Beatles", so I don't get why Love is hanging on to the name, other than to sell tickets.

I will say, I've seen The Beach Boys several times, with and without Brian over the years, but that was when the other two brothers were living and Al Jardine/Bruce Johnston were in it, too. I have yet to see them with this Mike/Bruce act, though I love Bruce Johnston, and it's wonderful to hear he did "Disney Girls", one of my very favorite songs of all time (not just BB's).

Glad to hear you got to experience the show with your son, Ira. I was bound I was going to see the two living Beatles with all my daughters over the years and was lucky enough to do that. Nothing better than sharing your music with your own!

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Ira - I already responded to your earlier PM on this, and, to add to that. . . .honestly, I don't really care what Love calls his band these days. There have probably been at least 50 or so lineups of musicians calling themselves The Beach Boys over the past 4-5 decades, usually with at least 2 guys who actually were in an early incarnation of the band (and usually another 2 ex-members who want to sue them!), so to me, it's impossible to get bent out of shape by Love continuing to use the name. If that's what it takes for him to make a living these days, more power to him. If anyone attends one of his shows thinking they're getting Brian and Al as well, they're probably such a casual fan that they won't care anyway.

That said though, I have no desire to see the band, even though I'd love to see and hear Bruce perform. I've read way too many interviews with Mike where he seems to consider "Kokomo" equal or superior to anything that Brian ever wrote. . . .after all, it was a huge hit, so that proves it. Likewise, he tends to be a tad too creative in his revisions to the band's history - who knew, for example, that he really did like Pet Sounds and Smile back in the day (contrary to testimony by other band members, Tony Asher, Van Dyke Parks, etc.)? To me, he's just in it for the money now. His new-found interest in those 2 albums seemed to coincide with new reissues (or Brian's new live recordings or re-recordings), and more cash for him.

And I'm sure his band does a great job live. He's always used top notch musicians and singers. And so do Brian, Al, Papa Doo Run Run, Jeffrey Foskett when he plays solo shows, any number of BB tribute bands, etc.

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...Likewise, he tends to be a tad too creative in his revisions to the band's history - who knew, for example, that he really did like Pet Sounds and Smile back in the day (contrary to testimony by other band members, Tony Asher, Van Dyke Parks, etc.)?

Yes, what's the deal with his new-found love (pun not intended) for SMiLE and Pet Sounds?

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