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"SUPER" movie with Eric

Matthew C. Clark

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I just bought the blu-ray (which Best Buy has a DVD bonus disc) of "SUPER" (2011) with Rainn Wilson ("The Office") as Crimson Bolt, Ellen Page ("Juno", "Whip It") as Boltie, Kevin Bacon, Liv Tyler & Nathan Fillion. The song "It Hurts Too Much" by Eric Carmen (from 1980) appears in the movie when Rainn & Kevin get into a fight because Liv was getting a divorce. As Rainn Wilson would say "Shut up crime!" Matt

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The following post is dated 4/3/2011:

Don't know if anyone's posted about this one yet, but "It Hurts Too Much" is in the new gory black comedy flick, "Super", starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon. In an early scene, Wilson's character is getting the sh*t stomped out of him by Bacon's thugs, and EC's tune starts blasting! The movie is pretty funny, but extremely graphic/gory. . . . .And it has a very cool soundtrack (Cheap Trick, The Nomads, Eric, etc.) Was just released here this past Friday.

It's from the thread that lists all Eric's songs in movies and TV.

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I just noticed that "It Hurts Too Much" was put as number one on the following list of 15 songs given new meaning in 2011:


The description of the list posted by Interface 2037 is:

Film 2011: The Fifteen Best Uses of Pre-Existing Songs

Here, in ascending order, are the best instances of a film taking a song we may or may not have known and granting it some new context...

The list is in ascending order so scroll to the bottom to see number one, "It Hurts Too Much".

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