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YAMAHA World Popular Song Festival


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Great memories for Japanese fans and Eric....

That trip was one of the best times I've ever had on the road. I arrived in Japan to find huge posters of me on every bus, in every department store window, and plastered on storefronts all over Tokyo. It was my first time in Japan and everybody already knew me. My first performance: The Budokan in Tokyo, 10,000 seats, sold out, with a fifty-five piece orchestra on stage in addition to my terrific band which included Davey Johnston ( from Elton's band) Duane Hitchings ( from Rod's band), Cooker LoPresti (Elton's band). Ross Salomone ( Chicago) Curt Boetcher, Brent-----? and Barry Fasman ( my very own conductor). It was a magical performance and night on an incredible stage. I've got to admit, Davey and I gave Tokyo a run for it's money. We kept the promo guy out drinking till the wee hours every night. He'd be hanging on the car door by the time he dropped us off at our hotel, poor fella. Great fun!


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Hossy -- THANK YOU! This is awesome... Eric doing "Boats Against the Current" live is a true treasure that a lot of us haven't heard.

What a great song....

In fact, thanks, for all of the songs you've posted here!



Hi Hossy! I completely agree with Larry, but I am "Late to the Party" LOL...but really loved these fantastic links you shared with us! The "Boats" performance brought tears to my eyes and I loved that fun version of "That's Rock n Roll." I have never had the pleasure of seeing Eric live, but the quality of your recordings are so amazing I can picture myself in the audience. Beyond awesome..thanks SO much! heartpump:thanx:

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Eric's song is very powerful and passionate.

This is the highlight of this live.

"Boats Against The Current"

I was not aware of this until Aventurine emailed me. I’m so happy she did! All I can say is:

My GOSH...that was...breathlessly BEAUTIFUL. I fear I’ve lost my heart...yet again...

Bravo! heartpump

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