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YAMAHA World Popular Song Festival


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At that time, I was watching Eric's performance on TV, when just the same as hossy.

Thank you hossy! You are such a giver! I can remember the impression at that time again.

I was eager to show the performance of Eric in the YAMAHA World Popular Song Festival everyone on this boad. His wonderful performance!!!

Those live performances shows the reason why so many Eric's fans are still there in Japan.

Unfogettable…..my precious memories heartpump

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I know I've already thanked you, Hossy, for the Christmas gifts of song, but that was before you posted the live version of Boats Against The Current (my favorite Eric Carmen heartpump song)!!

Now, somehow just saying thank you doesn't seem like it's enough...I think I love you, Hossy LuvLove ! I'll treasure this gift of the live version of Boats so very much!

It's beginning to look a lot like an awesome Christmas santa !

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Thank you very much for everyone.

This is the last one.

"That's Rock'n Roll"

YAMAHA World Popular Song Festival


(Set List)

Marathon Man

Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

Boats Against The Current

She Did It

All By Myself

That's Rock'n Roll

Twist And Shout (encore)

(Encore was not broadcast.)

The Band

John Presti (B)

David Johnstone (G)

Ross Solomon (D)

Duane Hitchings (K)

Kurt Becher (Back V)

Gary Wolfson (Back V)

The orchestra conducted by Barry Fasman



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