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it's official


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I AM OFFICIALLY on the wrong side of the generation gap..yall remember that term dont ya?

ok, so ive let jethro borrow my car this week , while his vehicle is in the shop...which means he has to drive miss daisy.

of course when you turn the ignition, the raspberries automatically start playing in my car...he told me, he was so glad he missed the 70's and that my music was embarrassing.. shocked

so what ya think bout that? arrgh

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SOL, YOU are not on the wrong side of the "generation gap" (yes I am familiar with the expression). This is a learning opportunity for Jethro. Each day, while he is driving Miss Daisy, tell him about Power Pop and it's influence of many popular artists that he just might enjoy. Artists like Bruce Springsteen...etc.

I've done this with my eldest son and my nieces and nephews. They are all able to appreciate The Raspberries. And when they don't, I just remind them that this is my vehicle and they will listen to what I like!! LOL

Also, listening to Eric's music gives them lessons in a well-written "middle eight". I make them find it in any song they listen to. Sadly, a lot of music today does not have a middle eight.

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i fixed his wagon when he picked me up from work last nite miriam....he was fussin that i can remember was puttin him to sleep..i said , it will be alright, ya only gonna got about 5 more minutes of it..he said thank god, we are only 2 minutes from the house......so i said, oh...i need to stop by the grocery store first, if you dont mind...LOL

think i ought to fill his ears with tommy james tonite? haha

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Well now I like all kinds of music but I could never get used to alternative music. I would probably be like Jethro if I was in a car with someone playing alternative and just waiting to jump out of the car. My son is only 8 and loves the raspberries and Eric Carmen, even one of his buddies got into it when I burned a 70's cd for his mom. It contained alot of Raspberries tunes. The boys especially like the rock tunes like Ecstasy, Play on , and Party's Over. Play Jethro the rock tunes he might just change his mind.


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