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Introducing....Baby TJ


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This is TJ as he appeared today at his doctor's appointment. The tapes on his ears are to hold his "ear buddies" in place. He was born with an ear kink on his left ear (it looked kind of pointed at the top) and his right ear fold was not properly aligned. Rather than subject him to plastic surgery and since his cartilege is still soft and pliable, his surgeon put on ear buddies. He should be finished with them before Christmas.

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Aventurine, he began blowing raspberries a few weeks ago, but he really enjoys making spit bubbles and a little whining sound while he looks at his hands. Go figure? LOL

Also, we think he is very smart. He has already assembled a bunch of little noises he makes if you are not looking at and paying attention to only him. Oh, did I mention how much he likes to kick? Well, he does!!

Last week he launched himself out of his swing. The floor is carpted and he was not hurt, he frightened himself a bit (and Mommy a whole lot). By the time Daddy got home from work he could hardly wait to get back into the swing....

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