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Here's my next musician up for praise. He was nowhere near an 'unknown', and will probably go down in history as one of the greatest drummers of the 20th century. This performer started his professional career drumming for Sonny & Cher when he was still a teenager. Also still as a teen, he was doing studio work with Steely Dan. He was truly a musical inspiration, and you don't have to be a drummer to understand that. Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Porcaro. Here he is explaining how he came up with that magically complex shuffle for "Rosanna."

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Great drummer.................geez Toto had some incredible musicians!!!

It's no wonder they were so in-demand as studio musicians. Those Porcaro brothers were a phenomenon in themselves. Toto are one of my most-favouritest bands, mainly because I have always been in awe of their musicianship. Sometimes I can do without Steve Lukather's pyrotechnic guitar style, but overall, just a fabulous collection of talent.

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For those fans who didn't know or who might have forgotten, Jeff Porcaro also played the drums in some of the songs on Eric Carmen's Change of Heart album.

(he had previously listed mentions of "Boats Against The Current", "Love Is All That Matters", "She Did It" and "She Remembered")

I don't have the "Change Of Heart" album near me, but I think David Paich and Mike Porcaro also played on the album.

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