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Go All the Way


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When I chatted with Scott a couple of weeks ago, he asked me whether I had seen Eric in concert prior to the Raspberries reunion. I mentioned that I had seen the Ringo / All-Stars show in Minnesota in 2000. He then asked, "What songs did they play?" When I told him that "Go All the Way" was done, he was very surprised: "Really? That's a very tough song", was his reply. He asked who played guitar, and when I said it was Dave Edmunds, Eric and Mark Rivera, he was still surprised.

I know that there are many other musicians on this Board, so my question to you is, have you ever been in a band that attempted "Go All the Way", and was the outcome successful? Our band would love to do the song, but it's one thing to get the guitar parts right, but then all those vocals! Wow!

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GMan said:

Funny you should mention that, Marv. My band can handle the tune musically....but...none of us can sing it!! It's a killer!! lol. I wish I had some takes of us trying to sing it. It was friggin' hilarious!!

Giro, I think our band could handle it musically (we've got three guitarists), but we'd have to hand the lead vocals over to one of the girl's in the band None of the guys in the band (including me!) could handle Eric's lead!

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Brian said:

Also....it was recorded 37 years ago.....we ALL could sing better when we were young!!

I certainly can't speak for others, but I know as far my own singing goes, I'm better-focused with a more controlled voice today than I was back then. I've always had a pretty fair falsetto, and I think it's better today than back then. Having said that, I couldn't sing "Go All the Way" back then, and I can't sing it today either - at least not the full song at full voice! :(

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I sing better today than I did when I was younger, but it's not like I have an amazing voice or anything. I have a good voice, not anything to write home about.

And I can do the backing vocals to GATW. I love it! In fact, I've always love backing vocals as my voice could never have pulled off lead unless it was a song from a musical, and even then I could never do the WHOLE musical. I know my limits.

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When I read the title of this thread I felt I had to make a comment since I believe GATW is the Raspberries' "trophy song", it can be played to "show off" the band to the broadest audience.

I re-read the 1973 article "INTERVIEW WITH ERIC CARMEN - Is He Dead? Play "Go All The Way" Backwards." which says the song had been banned by the BBC, according to Eric. The interviewer asked about the Beatles stereotype, and Eric said "It was supposed to sound like the Who open it up, and when it goes into the verse the Beach Boys are playing back-up and the Left Banke are singing back-up with Brian Wilson singing the lead. When it goes into the bridge, the Who come back on guitars but Steve Marriott's doing the vocal. I mean, the Beatles didn't enter into that song at all."

"...that little "C'mon" section...” which everyone chalked-off as being "Please Please Me" or something—I got the idea for that progression from a Bread song. I thought "Gee, that's nice, I can change this and that around"—I mean it's just like any normal person writes songs."

The article is dated 6/28/73, from Cleveland Scene and is posted on ericcarmen.com.

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