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How about a live Eric solo cd ?

John P

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Since we had a live Raspberries cd 4 years ago how about a future live Eric Carmen solo cd ? If he ever pursues any future live solo gigs it be great if they'd be recorded for a live cd. A live cd tracing his solo work with a few Raspberries songs. I'd prefer the Raspberries songs reinvented with a different arrangement than him with a band trying to be and sound like the Raspberries but that's my opinion. I think it be a great idea since he never had a live cd.

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That'd be great, John. I wish someone would release a DVD of that solo show he did a decade ago in Cleveland. Heard they taped it, but the HOF never did anything with it. (Maybe Bernie knows for sure?) Still kick myself for not being able to attend that one, but got some bad info that he was going to do Chicago soon after and it didn't happen.

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