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TJ's Halloween


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Thank you Suzanne and Susanne!! TJ's Halloween consisted (notice I'm using the past tense)of going next door to see our neighbor, Miss Ronda. TJ and his Daddy are wearing matching costumes. TJ was sleepy and did not show Miss Ronda his dimples...he would not smile.

And now at 6:23 pm he is asleep!! I know he will get up again in an hour!! Maybe! We've had 2 goblins so far, but the night is still young!!

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He has that look like, "I'll just chill here, because I'm sure Mom has some logical reason why she wants me to wear this silly outfit. But it sure ain't diaper friendly..."

Tony, you are spot on about that look!!! He was supposed to go to Daddy's office so they could model their matching costumes. But a lot of people at Tommie's office have colds so I vetoed the idea. We took the photo and sent it to them instead. His look is like "Mom, if I'm not going bye-bye in this outfit then why am I wearing it now. Oh nevermind, I will indulge you".

As for the diaper friendly part....so true!! The costume was like the skin on a grape in the diaper area and he wore it that morning for about 20 minutes. He donned it again that evening.

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I'm tellin' ya, Miriam. I see little T.J. with his left hand raised. I'm tellin' ya to get a baseball and put it it in that little left hand. He could be the next C.C. Sabathia pitching in the "Big Ball Orchard" in the South Bronx!! Cute picture, Miriam!

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