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Love is all that matters...


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You know, although it was never released as a single, or even a 'B' side, it is quite interesting how much of an Internet sensation that "Love Is All That Matters" has become! It now has way over a million hits on You Tube!! That's more views than FIVE of Eric's Top 40 hits COMBINED: "Change of Heart," "She Did It," "Sunrise," "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" and "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again." Amazingly, LIATM has even more views than "Make Me Lose Control"! So imagine how big of a Top 10 hit it might have been had Arista chose to release it.

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And, from my friend's song about love. He starts each line with the word, love. I just substituted the beginning word in each line. I've sung over this song before. Singing it, one breath to sing five lines, starting with What bears all things? It looks easy, but the end of each line is stretched out. In the middle of the song, here. A slow ballad :

So there you were

Your heart was broken

-Oh dear

Some things unsaid

Words left unspoken

Don't worry none-

Daughter nor son

Love's many lessons

This is just one

Love saw you through

Made you brand new

And it's an honor

To welcome you to

-Love education....

What is very patient?

What is very kind?

What is never boastful, baby?

What is never proud, haughty or loud?

What is very peaceful?

And doesn't demand it's own way, baby?

What bears all things?;

Believes all things?

Hopes all things?

Endures all things?

-Love is amazing

And it keeps getting stronger

Everytime you smile....

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Well, if he did get married, let's make his wife feel at home.

Here's a song by a singer/songwriter who wrote one of the most famous songs, ever! When he wrote that famous song, he thought about the man named Frank Sinatra. He joked how Frank needed the money at the time.

I met the writer and singer of that famous song called "My Way" at a dinner, sitting at the table with the board of directors- Unbeknownst to me who they were, until Paul Anka walked in and said, "Hello". Here's another song he wrote. I believe Frank recorded this upbeat song. I substituted a line in brackets. I thought it was a pretty good lyric.

Everybody Ought To Be In Love-


Empty rooms behind me

No more nights alone

A table and some chairs for two

Now the world will find me

With someone of my own

The loneliness, at last, is through

If everyone had someone just like you

Then everyone would feel

The way I do


(Repeat next two lines after last line)

Everybody ought to be in love;

Everybody ought to have somebody


Imagine having someone

Always by your side

A bed for one can be so cold

Someone you can talk to

[Through the ebbs and tides]

Someone you can have and hold

There's nothing more rewarding to pursue

Than hearing someone say, "I-Love-YOU!

And everybody ought to be in love [That's good!]

And everybody ought to have somebody [if you could!]

Someone you love

-Tooooo love !!


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