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Paul Leka...RIP


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Coincidentally, my father was in the hospital about a month ago and upon visiting him, he told me that a very famous songwriter was in the next bed, but he didnt know his name...after checking the board outside, I noticed that it was Paul Leka...With both of us being from Ct., I was very familiar with his career...I went in to his room and introduced myself and struck up a conversation with him...We had some mutual friends and he was more than willing to have a 20 minute conversation with me...I was having trouble collecting from a customer that I had recently deejayed for and he gave me some successful advice on how to handle the matter...

Even though he was in extreme pain, knew that he had terminal cancer and was fighting with the hospital to remain in their facility(they were evicting him the next day because there was nothing else they could do for him), he remained friendly and courteous to me and my dad and I'll always hold his memory in a special regard...(Plus, it made me look cool to my dad that I knew(of) him...R.I.P. Mr Leka...

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