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Prayers needed for Blackhawkpat


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This message was left on facebook by Pat's daughter Terry.

This is Pat's daughter terry. Just wanted to let everyone know he was rushed to the hospital last night. Drs ruled out a heart attack. Tests are on going. I will update accordingly.

We should keep him and his family in our prayers until he recovers!!

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Your in our thoughts, blackhawk.

They might give him statins, but also CoQ10 to help stenghthen his heart. CoQ10 is an over-the-counter suppplement. It is what our muscles, including the heart, are made of and need.

When people age, they lose CoQ10. It's a very important supplement.

Immediately, they check his electrolyte levels. If or when they give him an IV on his arm, they will put back the balance of electrolytes needed.

Vitamin D is also very important, along with the B vitamins like B6 and B12. Known as the stress vitamins.

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Pat is a wonderful friend - greatly appreciated his help in Chicago when I was in town for the Raspberries' January '05 show, and enjoyed visiting with him at a Kyle Vincent show in Chicago in June '06. Have been on the phone and online with him since. Prayers for you, Pat!


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Just for some extra good vibes, I'll post positive thoughts and prayers on this thread, too. BH Pat is a truly quality person — a stand-up guy who would do anything for his family and friends. You've been a huge help to me, Pat, and I'll always appreciate it. Hang in there, my friend. As John Lennon said: One day at a time....



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