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Blackhawk Pat in Hospital


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For those who may not have heard, word was released on FB this morning by Pat's daughter, Terry, that he was rushed into the hospital last night and admitted. He had been having difficulty with his lungs and had been started on nebulizer treatments and other meds but apparently they didn't agree with his body. Additional testing is being done today. I'll try to keep everyone informed as soon as we hear more from Terry. You can't ask for a better friend than Pat! John and I had the opportunity to meet his lovely daughters at the 5k Diabetes Walk over the weekend and participate on the team dedicated to him --- Team Black Hawk Pat. Meeting these girls is a testimony to what a great father and role model he is! Please throw a prayer his way and keep him in your thoughts.

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Hi,guys, it's so nice to see you again! Thanks for the warm greetings! I haven't heard much further other than his potassium levels are high so they're monitoring that to protect his kidneys and they're awaiting the results of the stress test. I see MissM already has a thread up so I'll let her take over from here on out. <smile>

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Oh, man, I'm sorry that little illness turned out to be not so little. Best wishes to my closest pal at EC.com — get out of that hospital quickly and back where you belong! You'll be in my prayers, my friend.



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TWO THREADS? Wow, you guys are great.... I'm gonna paste here my thoughts from the first one I saw.

Thanks to all for your prayers and well wishes. I am home now, but still being watched closer than Obama at a Republican rally (shout out to Cartoon World!). It was very touch and go and every time things would improve, something crazy would happen, like going 24 hours without being allowed to eat, then being given expired orange juice (thanks!)and you KNOW the result of that!

They thought I was having a heart attack, but it seems that I broke some blood vessels near the heart from all the coughing I have been doing from the pneumonia. That raised my potassium levels sky high and it became a very dangerous situation. My diabetes went haywire, too, from everything going on. I passed all the stress tests with flying colors, though, so my heart is as pure as my mind...well....

I haven't been poked and prodded this many times since.... ahhh, why wreck all these beautiful thoughts with some high school humor, right? But you get my gist. My arm looks like a pin cushion and my chest still feels like it could explode, but as long as the heart is fine, I can deal with the pain.

Also had some allergic reactions to the breathing treatments they have been giving me non-stop for a week, which was why I couldn't talk for more than thirty seconds at a time, but hopefully, it's all fixed now.

Once again, my two beautiful families, at home and here, come through for me with their wonderful thoughts and prayers. It was amazing the outpouring I received from friends here, on other websites, emails, or phone calls (even got phone calls from some posters on my MIA thread!)

You guys are the best...but, we already knew that! Right now, I need rest, but glad to be back.


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