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Holy Flying Circus


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I happened to come across (ahem) a video download of a BBC show entitled Holy Flying Circus... first thing just from the title told me - OMG it's a Python related show.... sure enough a bunch of really great actors and comedians got together and did a somewhat dramatization (if one could call this comedy as such) of what happened after the Pythons finished Life of Brian and the unheard of protests by all countries trying to ban the film due to their belief it was sacraligious (spelling please?) It also delved into what happened on a BBC debate back in 1979 between Michael Palin, John Cleese, some Deacon of the Church of England and an old washed up actor. At first I thought oh it's not really them playing themselves but these actors were SOOOO FREAKING great - one almost forgot that they weren't the real thing! The guys who played Cleese and Palin and Idle were almost clones of the guys and the guy who played Terry Gilliam even spoke like the real one! I recommend if you can get a hold of this on a pay per view or dvd at some time to watch it - I laughed and almost forgot it wasn't the real guys on the show! I give it a P*ss Off and a How's Your Mother rating lol!

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