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Yahoo Email...??????


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Sorry to ask this here,but.........anybody else having problems with Yahoo's email in the last couple days????? I can't send or receive attachments!!!! My wife's account is the same!!!!! I'm on Safari.....Yahoo insists on me updating to IE 9!!!


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are you by any chance running vista?

have heard a lot of folks complain about the same problem

and they are all running vista...i have the same problem on my

puter which has vista installed.

no problem at all with my other one which runs windows 7...go figure

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I'm on a Mac....but this morning all appears well!! I can see and upload attachments again!!!

Moral of the story: Don't count on Yahoo mail!!!!!

It seems they screw around with their systems all the time. This,to some degree, has happened before and then returned to normal days later.

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