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Raspberries Hockey League (Fantasy)


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How cool was the statue unveiling for Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita at the Chicago United Center last night.

Spike and I were spellbound!


If you follow the link, blow up the picture for full effect!

Fondly remembering my SRO nights at the Stadium. Talk about Old Time Hockey!


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Outstanding! Two more teams would be awesome, but even at 10, pretty darned good, Pat. You have indeed done an awesome job. Look at this all-star lineup you've reeled in:


Blackhawk Pat — Winter Dreams

Blonde Velvet — All for Love

Keith Nivan (Tom) — VOX! Populi

Lew Bundles — BundleAgainstCurrent

Marlene — Desperate Fools

Marvin — Habs4ever

MissM — Rock n Ice

Paulie Mississippi — Great Expectations

Tiggsherby — Fly Guys

Me (LC) — The Go All the Ways

I know BeatleJay had to pass, but... where's Tommy Tunes? Mitch? Tony C? Ira? You don't have to be a hockey expert or even mid-level fan to play. We have mostly "newbies," I believe, outside of Pat and Marv.

It should be a real kick. I'm looking forward to the draft. (And now I won't be so quick to change the channel when NHL highlights come on!)



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I would suggest to anyone that is new to the draft to try a "mock draft" first. With me being sick so much lately, I haven;t done one for hockey yet, but I've tried them in the past for baseball and football and they make good practice.

You simply head to the yahoo board and above the standings, you can click on "mock draft" and then follow directions to join one (or several).

To answer a question that was asked, the goalies GAA (Goals Against Average) is similar to a baseball pitchers ERA, so the LOWER it is, the better. It is the only category we have this year when the lowest total is the best. All other seven categories, you want the highest totals you can get.

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Interesting... what is considered the most violent sport by many has "reeled in" more women than baseball or football... laugh

The crowds at hockey games are loaded with beautiful women, so it's no surprise to me.

Wait until next year when we add "Lingerie Fantasy Football"...you'll see how fast angelina comes back.

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When the Canadian guy sings, it's OVER!

So, we start our first year with ten teams. I have already sent the ten teams to Muzza and Kiwi and they will let us know the draft order.

Just so everyone is aware, we use a 'snake draft order", which means if you get the tenth pick in the first round, you get the first (eleventh overall) pick in the next round. So, if you go first overall, you don't get another pick until #20.

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A couple of other odds and ends about drafting and hockey.....

You can preset your draft rankings up until an hour before the draft. Just go into the draft area on yahoo and follow the simple directions. You can also just use Yahoo's default rankings. I do advise you trying a mock draft, just to be comfortable with drafting.

You can log in the night of the draft, Thursday, November 3rd at 8:00 PM central, an hour in advance. If you want to do it live, there is a chat box, which is always fun to talk a bit during the draft, but, if you want to let the computer do the draft for you, you can do that, too.

Talking with some friends who have played fantasy hockey for years, they tell me that goalies usually don;t go until around the fourth round. That said, when I did the mock draft, TEN of them went by the third round, so you just never know! Everyone must have two goalies to accumulate stats and it's a good idea to take a third one for one of your four bench spots, but that's completely up to you. There will be plenty left over after the draft to add, but the quality may not be very good.

Your roster will have seventeen players....two left wings, two centers, two right wings, one forward (which can be a LW, RW, or center), four defensemen, two goalies, and four bench spots of your choice. Stats are counted ONLY of the thirteen ACTIVE players you use, so your four bench guys don't count, unless you put them in the active lineup. There also will be one injury roster spot (IR).

This brings me to discuss Sidney Crosby. Sid the Kid is arguably hockey's best offensive player, accumulating almost 600 points in less than six years of playing. Crosby suffered a serious concussion last season and still has not returned, almost ten months later, but the team lists him as day to day. So, take him at your own risk, but he has not played yet this season, thus, Yahoo ranking him at #16, currently, when he would be one or two, otherwise. Now, you could take him and put him on IR, but it's a BIG risk, so you have been warned. He should be back soon, but you just don't know. He seems to be going around #26 and might be a steal for later in the year, but if he doesn't play.....uh-oh! Buyer beware!

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Just got the results from our dear friends, Muzza and Kiwi, who always do the draw for us for all our fantasy sports. (Thanks to them for helping us out!)

So, here they are.....the person with the first EVER pick in the Raspberries Hockey League is.......MISSM!

The first round goes like this:

1.MissM (Miriam) — Rock n Ice

2.Marvin — Habs4ever

3.Lew Bundles — BundleAgainstCurrent

4.Blackhawk Pat — Winter Dreams

5.Marlene — Desperate Fools

6.Keith Nivan (Tom) — VOX! Populi

7.Tiggsherby (Harry) — Fly Guys

8.Paulie Mississippi — Great Expectations

9.LC — The Go All the Ways

10.Blonde Velvet (Kim) — All for Love

Then, of course, we go in reverse order, so Kim will get picks 10 and 11, LC will have 9 and 12, Paulie gets 8 and 13, and so on.....

Hope everyone enjoys their spots and, if not, puck yourself! LOL

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Well, the draft is done. Hope everyone likes their teams. The stats start accumulating on Monday, so make sure you have your lineups set the way you want. You can make daily changes, so if you see you have a player with no game on a particular day of the week, make sure you fill that spot in with one of your bench players. Guys on the bench that get stats, don't count! They must be in your starting thirteen to count.

If you don't like some of the players or notice that you are short in some spots or overloaded in others, waivers clear on Sunday, so then all the leftover players become free agents and you can cut guys and pick those up if needed. If you want to put in a waiver claim before they become free agents, it goes by your assigned number, which is reverse of the draft, so Kim is first in waivers, because she went last in the draft.

Any questions, drop me a line here or on FB. I want everyone to have fun with this, so, don't hesitate to ask ANYTHING. I'll be more than happy to help try to answer or guide everyone in the right direction. Believe me, when we started baseball, I drafted like it was a real team. I was taking middle relievers and pinch hitters, and only one closer, and had no clue how the rules worked, so I want to help everyone if they are confused, so they enjoy this all the more. Obviously, I'd like to win this, but I want to help everyone be comfortable first and foremost, so everyone comes back next year and every year after that.

So, now, let's, drop the puck!

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...when we started baseball, I drafted like it was a real team. I was taking middle relievers and pinch hitters, and only one closer, and had no clue how the rules worked, so I want to help everyone if they are confused....

Yikes! I guess I should have spent more time with you when I got our baseball league several years ago! Sorry about that, my friend!

About tonight... that was a fun time. We finally got electricity restored to our house just an hour before the draft (after five COLD and dark days here), so I was logged in for the whole thing. I missed a couple of picks because of dad duties, but overall it was a blast. Thanks for all your efforts, Pat.



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LC: The funny thing was, if you recall our first year, I was in first place by a mile until my whole team got hurt! That was the year I had over twenty guys spend time on the DL in baseball! I remember I traded three guys to Marlene for Chipper Jones and in the time it took for the deal to clear, he got hurt and missed the rest of the year, so I was out the three guys AND good old Larry! LOL If I got a break, it was one of my players legs!!!!!!!

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