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ECatw meets WendyWorld


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I incorrectly used to read "E-Cat-w" and thought she liked cats, then I finally figured out that "ECatw" is the first letter of "Eric Carmen all the way".

(Pretty obvious, I know, unlike "angelina" for "jolie" or "Tiggsherby" for the combined name of two pet cats. I also used to incorrectly read "Adventurine" not "Aventurine", the gemstone).

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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the nice words! I had a fantastic time meeting the infamous Wendy World. She is one nice lady. We had a fun time with lots of laughter.

I had a great time with you too Suzanne! Sweet, smart and funny sums you up. And if we laughed anymore, we would have cried!

Thanks for all the nice compliments everyone...that was the first of 3 photos and we knew that was the one. smile

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Hi all!

Thanks for all the nice words! Wendy & I were having a great time, too bad it had to end.

I have no doubt that all the EC.com folks are wonderful. I have been lucky enough to meet a few of them.

My time on the West Coast is just about up. It'll be back to reality all too soon. baby.


BTW, ECatw means EC all the way but by coincidence, I do love cats too! grin

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